get inspired

hi friends! MadelineRanda here. i am completely joyful (and a tad bit nervous) to be writing this first post. however, i am sitting down with my power playlist, my starbucks coffee, and am ready to get this party started. so here we go.

inspire. it’s one of my favorite words. so is dream. i probably use the two way more than an average person. but then again, it has never been said of me to be average. it can get overwhelming when trying to find inspiration-there are so many places, people, pretty things around me to even know where to start. so throw off the bowlines of fear or intimidation. inspiration is uniquely you. we’re going to dive into how to find what makes your soul sing and once you know- what to do with it. having tangible inspiration around us propels us to make dreams into a concrete reality, so today we’re making an inspiration board/wall/room. dream big. don’t limit your creativity.

where to start? oh my we have pinterest and facebook and all our friends lives to analyze. but where was inspiration found before then? wait….Madeline, you’re telling me there was life before Pinterest? yes, my friends. it was much less organized and had way less workouts and easy recipes, but it did exist. so here’s where i encourage you to start: make a list of what fires you up. here’s mine:merryblog866

the importance of being earnest is on there, as is simple and creative designs, edgy fashion, quippy sayings, and travel. now that you have seen my list go make your own! Seriously. this part of the process is the hardest to start but once you get started you can’t seem to stop! it’s so fun to see what your brain will bring to mind-some of the things you love will be obvious, some will come as surprises. take a day to think about all the things that fire you up.

im assuming if you’ve made it to this paragraph you have done your homework and written your “things that make my soul sing list”. good for you! you’re on your way to an incredible inspiration board. so from here what do we do? THIS is where you get to play. start looking for the things you love all around you. you can’t go a day without reading a good quote? find your favorites and start collecting them. you realized that you swoon every time you see peonies- go to a farmers market and grab a few or find pictures of them in magazines. if travel is where your heart is, we will be best friends. get pictures of the places you WILL go one day. collect as many unique and tangible things as you can to fill up your inspiration board. search magazines- Darling, Southern Weddings, and Vogue are some good places to start. cut out anything that strikes your fancy. for me, i can’t get enough beautiful photos around me. i check my favorite photographers websites and work like it’s my day job. (i wish-can we make that a real thing?) so print the pictures that make you gush, cut out the clippings that get you fired up, assemble the beauty around you. i’d encourage you to write somewhere on your inspiration board this quote.  “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -eleanor roosevelt. it’s one of my favorites. your dreams are beautiful. they are unique and powerful and absolutely possible. dream big and make it happen!

there are so many ways you can do this next step. in the lovely office i work in (also in my room at home), the twine and clothespin method worked beautifully. Hang up everything to where you can see it all. layer in quotes with pictures, designs with a dreamcatcher. there is no right or wrong way. grab a corkboard if you don’t have a wall and get to pinning. anything is fair game. the main thing is to see this and know you are capable of accomplishing something of beauty just like that you see. this is the board i get to look at while editing photos at work. so encouraging!


(can we all swoon at Michelle Boyd’s inspiration wall? gushing.) there can be a point where it becomes too much. when you can’t distinguish one thing from another and all you feel is overwhelmed and discouraged. keep it simple and to your absolute favorites. so put out a candle, grab some fresh flowers, and set up your board in your dream space. this is a place where anything can happen. get to dreaming, and get some inspiration. make sure to upload picture of what you create and tag Merry!


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