coffee bridal shower

I love coffee. LOVE it. I start my mornings with it and usually Hubs brings me a nice little iced coffee in the afternoon. For birthdays, family and friends pretty much only get me Starbucks gift cards and cute mugs. My first ever cup of coffee was from the original Starbucks in Seattle- this has nothing to do with this post, I just like that story. Anyways, back to my love of coffee and bridal showers. Bridal showers should be about the bride, they should reflect a little bit of her personality and what she likes. For me and some of my espresso loving friends out there, what could be better than a coffee themed shower? Not much. Except maybe a cup of coffee. I searched and searched for inspiration and have created what I think is an amazing coffee bridal shower. Forget tea sandwiches, I want donuts, a cereal bar, and lots of lattes. Instead of playing games or opening gifts in front of everyone, I want my guests to create fun mugs for me and my future hubby. How fun would it be to open your cabinet every morning and be met with a collection of colorful, silly, and meaningful mugs that your closest friends made for you? (Note to self, get friends to make me mugs ASAP) My FAVORITE part of this shower is the “let’s do coffee” cards. The card is a printable from Eat Drink Chic  will allow you to set up a coffee date with each of your guests! Let’s face it, wedding planning is crazy. It takes up your time and attention and generally makes you a bad friend. This is the perfect way to 1) take a break from addressing invitations and obsessing over the menu 2) get a great cup of coffee and 3) spend some quality time with your friends who are going to be there long after your wedding is over. Ok, let’s get to the pictures already!

The Burger Parlor

Alright, these pictures are making me want some donuts, pink decorations, and time with my friends. Someone get engaged today so I can start planning you the perfect shower. Or just come over and lets spend the afternoon making mugs and eating breakfast food. It’s a win-win either way.

enjoy the espresso!


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