happy campers

Being outdoors is one of my favorite things. So is camping. The combo of the two together is nearly unbeatable.

You may be thinking: “Well to camp, you have to be outside”. And I would say to you “True”. But some jokers call RV’ing or sleeping in a cabin camping. Those people are wrong. But we don’t have to make them feel bad. We are all going to be happy campers here. (Blame my dad for the corny jokes)

To consummate my love of styled shoots and camping, I created a little mood + color inspiration board for ya’ll to enjoy. So whether you are an avid camper or you prefer to enjoy nature from the comfort of the AC, I think we can all appreciate all the right that’s happening here. Who knows, it might even inspire you to take pictures in the woods and pretend you camp. Fake it til you make it, I always say.


(photo via LostInAmerica )

36d9d186d45782b4b4a1ce7bd0a037dbf51342e93d0ca982abadd95c1356415d8a8c2aed5b06a3f674def77512b1ee2a6dc4d7e1eec96d8b6af21e66203321cbcolor inspiration

(photos clockwise starting from top left: via Danique- 88Forever Flickr, via A Well Traveled Woman, via Britta Nickel, via My Blue Canoe)


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