girl’s guide to pinterest

Over the next few Thursdays I am going to be bringing you a series about Pinterest. It’s called A Girls Guide to Pinterest, Planning a Wedding, and Finding the Man of Your Dreams (just kidding about the man of your dreams part). I have always wanted to have a really long title for no reason just like Jen Lancaster’s books. It just makes me feel important. After planning my wedding last year, I learned a few things about the benefits and pitfalls of Pinterest. These are the things I wish I had known back then. Plus, if you are lucky, I may even really throw in some tips on how to find the man of your dreams. Let’s get started! Here are the two main things I want to tell you today-

pinterest series 1

1. If you are NOT engaged STOP pinning. My reason for this may surprise you. I honestly don’t care if you are one of those wedding crazed girls who has only been dating a guy for a few weeks. I was one of you, not because I was obsessed with getting married but because I absolutely adore weddings. Seriously, I could sit for hours with a stack of wedding magazines, a mug of Starbucks, and a little She & Him playing in the background. In fact, that sounds like the perfect day to me. However, even if you can’t get enough of beautiful events and gorgeous weddings, pinning wedding ideas before you are engaged is not a good idea. Here’s why- your style will change. Things you once thought were cute will no longer seem charming. When Hubs and I got engaged I took a look at my “Wedding” Pinterest board. It looked like someone with multiple personalities had gotten a hold of my account. There was rustic mason jars, classic hydrangea, modern table settings, it was a mess. I had gotten caught up in pinning things that everyone else thought were great ideas. The majority of my pins I didn’t even like! Learn from my mistakes!! Keep your wedding fantasies in your head until you get a ring. It will allow you to start completely from scratch when planning your wedding which is the best way to create an amazing event. So if you aren’t engaged, stop pinning and delete that wedding board. TRUST ME, your future bride self and wedding with thank you.

Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 4.19.06 PM

These are my original pins- mostly rustic, casual, and completely the opposite of what I actually wanted my wedding to be. Don’t let yourself fall in this trap!!

2. Make a list of all the things you and your man love. One of the best and most fun things you can do to help your wedding planning process is talk to your groom and write out a list of things you like. Believe it or not, most guys do have a little bit of an opinion when it comes to their wedding. Two weeks after Hubs and I got engaged we took a 12 hour road trip to see some of his family. During that ride we got out a notebook and started taking some notes on what we wanted from our wedding. The first thing we did was make a list of what was important to us for our wedding. Our key things were 1)honoring to the Lord 2) small, intimate wedding 3) a super fun party 4) creative and original. After that we made a list of things we both liked. We both love breakfast for dinner, Shipley’s donuts, New Years Eve. Viola- we had the base for our wedding! A rocking, modern, NYE wedding with lots of personal touches.  The lists gave us a great place to start. It helped us base our wedding on US not just me. So after you delete that Pinterest board and your guy gets down on one knee, sit down and create a list of what is important to you about your wedding and the things you both love. It will most likely give you an awesome idea for what you want to base your wedding on! Don’t forget, TALK to your future hubby, he may just surprise you with some incredible ideas.

All right, I think that is plenty of Pinterest talk for today. Next Thursday I’m going to talk about how to use magazines, blogs, and Pinterest to take your list from an idea to a reality.

As far as finding a man goes, I would suggest summer camp or a mission trip. That’s how I met Hubs (which is a long story for another day). If you are too old to be a camper you can always go as a chaperone. Nothing says romance more than two chaperones meeting eyes over a cafeteria table while middle schoolers freak out over the latest drama! Ok, maybe I should get someone else to write the finding a man of your dreams portion of this series . . . .

Have a great day and follow us on Pinterest (too soon?)

Be merry!


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