girl’s night out baby shower

Let’s talk about babies. Babies are cute, smell nice (most of the time), have soft skin, and rock pastels better than anyone. Baby showers traditionally embrace all of the things we love about new borns- showers are cute, pastel, and super sweet. I love an adorable baby shower or gender reveal party just as much as the next girl. However, I also love the idea of celebrating a new mom and the things she loves to do sans-baby. Some of my girlfriends love karaoke  getting their nails done, or going out dancing. Those are thing that become a lot harder to do once you have a kid. That is why I have created this glam girls night out baby shower idea that really has nothing to do with babies but everything to do with being a young and fun woman. You could throw this for a friend before she has her baby as a last hurrah or even a few months after she has a baby to give her a night off with her friends. Either way there will be lots of dancing, laughter, and fun!

baby details

invitation- cheree berry paper  cocktail- sugar and cloth


Floral photo booth backdrop- AnnKay Design

Wouldn’t this be such a fun shower? The invitation is a little girl’s birthday invite but if you change the wording it would be perfect! And how amazing would those paper flowers be for a photo booth backdrop? We have seen some DIY instructions for similar ones here. Throw in a nail bar and a karaoke machine and it would be a super glamourous and fantastic party!

Keep throwing those adorable baby showers and gender reveal parties! They are sweet, meaningful, and help new parents get a ton of diapers. However, if you have a friend who has had six baby showers and need a little girl time this may be the way to go. Or if you have a friend who recently had a baby and needs to be reminded that she is still young, hot, and fun then a girls night out may be just what the doctor ordered!

Celebrate the new baby that is joining your world, celebrate your girlfriends, and just plain celebrate! We will be celebrating right along side you.

As always, send us pics if you throw an incredible shower!

Stay Merry.


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