beer tasting birthday

What has the power to make a grown woman desperately search the internet, drive to every store in a 30 mile radius, purchase and return items, and sometimes literally pull her hair out? Her man’s birthday. Honestly, how is shopping for guys one of the most challenging tasks we face all year? There is an ongoing list of guy gift ideas on my phone but somehow I still end up scrambling when birthdays and Christmas come around. I have a whole mess of theories about why guys are so hard to shop (some more realistic than others) but listing them would only make us all more frustrated and maybe even raise a few “Amens!” from some of you. Instead, I thought I would share an idea that may make his next birthday a whole lot easier on you.

What has the power to make a grown man giddy with excitement? Beer. Football also has this effect but today we are going to focus on the booze. Seriously, men could talk for hours about ales, lagers, hops, and a ton of other words that I don’t know. If your man loves beer and you love to throw a good party, what could be better than a beer tasting birthday party? Your man and his friends will get very serious about the flavor profiles of beer and love chowing down on some bar food. It’s easy, fairly inexpensive, and a crowd pleaser! WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS BEFORE? Goodbye gift frustrations, hello microbrews, sliders, and happy men!

Here is a little inspiration board to get you started.

beer party board

invitation- Hostess with the Mostess, table- Camille Styles, beer cupcake- See Brooke Cook, beer notes-Chuck and Welly, beer bottles-Martha Stewart
For a non-alcoholic party try using different specialty sodas!

So throw away your shopping woes, grab a glass, and make a toast to the best birthday gift you can give your guy- a night of beer, friends, and celebration!

Let the good times roll.


5 thoughts on “beer tasting birthday

  1. casshunter

    Hahaha. My husband gets a beer tasting party every year for just those reasons! Keeps everyone happy! Thanks for the reference and good luck with your party!

    1. meredithmilady Post author

      Thank you so much for your comment! This would be my husbands dream party- I will definitely have to throw one for him this year! If you have any helpful tips, send them our way!

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