nautical wedding

The East coast has got the whole nautical thing down. I’m not talking about seashells, tropical colors, or a beach theme. Those things can get cheesy pretty quick. No, I am talking about yacht clubs, old-school style, clean lines, rope, and sailboats everywhere you look. There is something about the East coast that automatically makes you feel a little classier, wealthier, and more ladylike. Occasionally, when the South is too hot, I like to imagine that a good looking guy is sailing me and my Sperry wearing friends around the coast line while we drink champagne. That is a totally realistic daydream right?

The summer is slowly winding down and we are getting closer to August. Soon, fall will be here with all of its football glory. However, there is still time to celebrate the last few moments of summer. There doesn’t seem to be any better way to end the summer months and welcome fall than with a nautical wedding. Who wouldn’t want to spend one of the last weekends of the season at a beach side wedding or pretending they are on the coast of Maine? Don’t believe me? Just look at these gorgeous pictures! I bet you will quickly be daydreaming about a hot guy sailing you around too.

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Ah, love it. If you plan a nautical wedding, send us some pictures. We will spend an afternoon pretending we own a yacht and know terms like “astern” and “cleat.”

Now, anyone want to go sailing?


3 thoughts on “nautical wedding

  1. ibdesignsusa

    Love the pictures and I am also drawn to Nautical Weddings. Not planning one but it’s good to dream. Have a couple of Boards on Pinterest with nautical weddings.

    1. meredithmilady Post author

      Thanks! I will definitely check out your Pinterest boards, we are loving the nautical theme lately! So glad you read our blog, enjoyed it and commented!


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