MadelineRanda’s Top Five Favorites.

Good morning sunshines! I woke up early to pack and hit the road for a wedding I’m photographing tonight. Needless to say,  it’s going to be a busy day. So I thought I’d start off the morning right, with sharing a few of my favorite things of the moment!


1.  Peonies. oh my goodness. if someone brought me some of these gorgeous flowers i think my entire month would be made. can’t get enough of them.

2. French press coffee. how have i lived on this earth for so long without ever discovering this magic? My goodness, nothing makes a morning better than a fresh pressed cup of coffee and reading the fresh pressed posts on Merry. (see what i did there?)


3. This quote-wow, if you haven’t seen We Bought a Zoo, then immediately rent it and plan your day accordingly. This quote is one of my favorites, my phone background, and my inspiration for courage when I need it.

4. Half back braids- those of you who know me know i have what i affectionately call “hot mess” hair. this is my new go to, it still looks like i tried but in reality it took all of a minute and then I had a dance party with all the extra time i had.


5. BIKING! I haven’t been able to stop biking places since I found my roommate’s road bike. i feel fantastic knowing im saving gas, burning calories, and saving time that i would have spent in traffic. i took a ride in the sun the other day, looking at the beautiful historic homes, and then in the rain the next, enjoying the storm. Biking is the best.

So there you have it my friends, these are the things that are firing me up lately. I hope they add some beauty to your day! Feel free to respond with your Favorite Five of the moment. Can’t wait to read them:) Love and sunshine!


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