Ok, I think you are really going to like this. I know you are generally a girl who prefers bright colors and bold patterns over pastels and soft details. I am too. However, I think I may have found some romantic and feminine inspiration that will be hard for you (and me) to resist.

Two words- lavender & lace. There is something so beautiful and rustic about this combination. For some reason it makes me think of cups of hot tea, classic novels, and the countryside of France. Lavender is a great flower to use in a wedding. Besides being gorgeous, it can be used fresh or dried. Plus, it smells AMAZING. Add in some lace touches and you have yourself an insanely beautiful and romantic wedding.

bb437a4137198dbc4d015b7feec8c133 db4d1316143cbbcae2a8c7e14bd31e28c14a32d9d38947f9a7c24f622f7617d9756d32cf766c710b459cdaf15c868358 a5253d0899dabc8c7e8535f5bd609c7a1ce4c4cf9153289364e3123c9eb29396 lavender collage

(Table 1- Architecture Art Design, Place settings- Botanical Brouhaha, Table 2- Green Villa Barn, Candle- Boutique de La Mer, Invitation- United With Love, Bouquet- Luna and Chloe, Lavender Toss-  Style Me Pretty, Dress-Vera Wang)

Aren’t those pictures amazing? Seriously, I think this wedding would be INCREDIBLE for an early fall wedding. A light autumn breeze with the scent of lavender, lace details, celebrating love- that sounds just about perfect.  I can not think of a more beautifully rustic and ultra feminine wedding.

I am sure I will always love bold colors, patterns, and modern parties but for now my thoughts are captivated with this sweet and stunning wedding idea.

Oh Lavender, you stole my heart.


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