bold bohemian

Yesterday we talked about pastels and how they can be just as beautiful as bright colors. And it’s true. But today is another day. We are entering the world of the bohemian– perhaps the most overdone theme in this era. BUT it’s because it works. It’s eye-catching and bold but also free; ethereal. Whether it’s the ethnic feel of the decor or the flower headpiece; everyone seems to be drawn to what a bohemian look brings to the table.

Here are some pictures to get you drooling and brainstorming about how you can add some boho-chic to your life. I’m dying to have a bohemian themed photo shoot or event. Or a house or life. Also I’m listening to Bohemian Rhapsody right now. Too much? I concur. Just look at the pictures and let me groove in peace.


(photos: via the glamourai, via unknown, via unknown, via unknown, and via there’s a cool wind blowing)

Also can we notice how girl top right somehow made hiking boots look boho? Whatever.

Going to put on my headpiece now and be free.


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