girl’s guide to pinterest -part 3

Does anyone else feel like it should be much later in the week than Wednesday? Somehow I managed to pack two weeks worth of activity into the past three days. I can not wait for the Saturday- I am already dreaming about not setting an alarm, drinking my morning coffee while I read a new book, and spending the better part of the day simply relaxing.

Ok, on to our last Pinterest series post! Woohoo! We have come such a long way. I know how hard it was for most of you to stop pinning wedding things if you aren’t engaged. I am so proud of you! Hopefully you have also determined what you and your finace like, found inspiration in magazines and blogs, and started a very focused and purposeful pinterest board. At this point you are practically a rockstar at using Pinterest to find what you want. I only have two more tips for you then you will be ready to ride without training wheels. I just hope I don’t cry when you go for your first solo ride.

Here are the last things you should know about Pinterest and wedding planning

5. When in doubt, don’t use it! You are a unique and creative person. I promise, you have more fun and wonderful ideas in your head than you think. Trust your instinct and embrace what makes you special. Pinterest can take creative ideas and make them mainstream really fast. Suddenly, every wedding you go to looks like a “pinterest wedding” If you don’t want your wedding to look like that then don’t use Pinterest! Find inspiration and then take over from there. Do things that are totally and uniquely you. If you think you aren’t creative or are struggling to come up with cohesive ideas, ask someone. I am sure one of your friends is just dying to step in and help plan the absolute perfect wedding for you!

6. Use a secret board. Honestly, this is my biggest tip for people using Pinterest for wedding ideas. Want to know why? We are at the age where most of our friends are starting to get engaged. There is a better than average chance that one of your friends will become engaged while you are planning your wedding. Suddenly, she is planning a wedding too, possibly a wedding that will be happening before you. So what happens? She re-pins all of your ideas that she loves. Your style, creativity, and hard work have just been kidnapped by another bride. There is not a whole lot more frustrating than searching for ideas to create your perfect wedding only to have someone else use them, especially if she is getting married before you and inviting a lot of the same people. Just go ahead and make your board secret that way you will never have to worry if your friend really found that cute idea for a centerpiece on her own or if she copied yours. Plus, there is something to be said for keeping a little mystery in the wedding planning process. You want your guests to be surprised and amazed when they walk in to your reception and not know exactly how you will be decorating. Make your wedding board secret, TRUST ME.

Ok, that is all I have for our Pinterest talk! Here is a little picture with all of our steps so you don’t forget.

pinterest series

Stay strong girls. Fight the urge to pin everything wedding related and spend the time you would be pinning hanging out with your man. He is way better than a pinterest board.

As always, email us if you have any questions or need any help.  And feel free to follow us on Pinterest!

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