thursday trends- hanging florals

Good morning lovely readers! We are going to be starting something new on the blog today called “thursday trends.” Yep, you guessed it- every thursday we are going to be featuring a current trend that we are loving! I am SO excited about this! Now it is just a matter of sticking with it. Hopefully this is not like when I decide to work out and only do it for two weeks. I like to tell Hubs that my fitness plan is two weeks on, two weeks off. We will all ignore the face that right now it is more like six weeks off. . . . However, Thursday trends will be different! They will be committed, consistent, and way more fun than the elliptical.

Now, let’s talk about what is hot in the floral world right now. One thing I have been seeing a lot of lately is hanging florals. This was popular some last year but over the past few weeks I have seen a ton of hanging centerpieces. Y’all, they are GORGEOUS! Hanging florals add a ton of style, impact, and wow-factor to any space. Granted, they will most likely be more expensive than a regular floral centerpiece because of the labor involved but I honesty believe they are worth it. You could have just a few of these around the room and very simple candles on your tables and it would be stunning. Here are some of my favorites I have seen over the past few weeks!

 17550aba4e322de545fe6fc2fda16724 4161511a569b832360618d27889d3c56 c5aad005f024de9e26c2d1a24ccdfece b3c7e6c4503914d396b805fb67aa0e4da02b7879385a3301dabea4c5ab325241 (1- Martha Stewart Weddings, 2- 100 Layer Cake, 3- 100 Layer Cake, 4- Doltone House, 5- Ruffled)

Don’t you just love these? Would it be over the top to have a floral chandelier in my tiny apartment? Your right, of course not! Now I know what I am going to spend my afternoon making. If you want to see even more hanging arrangements check out this post by one of my favorite floral blogs, Botanical Brouhaha.

Let us know what some of your favorite trends are right now! We would love to feature them.

Happy Thursday!


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