Concert Cruisin’

Hi friends!


So this week I got to bike to Blues on the Green- one of my favorite Austin destinations. It’s a bi-weekly free outdoor concert series. Did I mention free? Cause thats the best part. Other than fantastic live outdoor music. My heart is so happy. I am always faced with the question of what to wear to these events: well my friends I have found my favorite summer concert outfit.

ImageThrow on some blue jeans! Put on a loose tank (mine was way long so I tied it up). Keep it simple with makeup and jewelry because I live in Texas and the second you walk outside you feel like you’re swimming. I’m a fan of closed toe shoes for biking. And voila. my perfect summer outdoor concert outfit!

p.s. that whole biking there thing? well within ten minutes my roommate and I wrecked our bikes. maybe we should rename this outfit  our “hilarious misfortunate adventure outfit.” love and sunshine!


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