mustache&lips engagement party

My sister loves mustaches. LOVES them. She has mustache socks, a mustache t-shirt, mustache necklace, and we even threw her a surprise mustache birthday party. She can’t help it, the girl loves herself some well placed facial hair.

Most engagement parties include diamond ring cookies and pastel colors (both of which I love). However, sometime in the future whenever my sister gets engaged I know she wouldn’t want a typical party. She would want something original, funny, and super fun.

So, without further ado, I present you Madeline’s (pretend) mustache and red lips engagement party!

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(table via-Hostess with the Mostess, invitation via-Zazzle, cupcakes via-Sweet Love Chain, banner via-Etsy, signs via-Etsy, straws via-Etsy)

I know people have used mustaches and lips for baby gender reveals but it would make an AWESOME engagement party theme. Plus, you could get some huge pictures of the bride and groom and play pin the lips/mustache on them! What better way to celebrate love than with a lot of laughter, creativity, and joy?

Want another super cute idea? Put out a “my stache” jar and people can put money in there to help pay for the couples wedding or honeymoon!


via Etsy

So go get your facial hair on and get ready to party.

Now, I must(d)ache.

Happy weekend!


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