thursday trends- lace dresses

I have been waiting all week to share this week’s loveliness with you. Y’all know I am in love with the hanging florals and floral crowns I have posted the past few weeks. My heart belongs mainly to flowers but something changed this week. As I was thinking through the current trends in the wedding world I kept going back to something I had seen in bridal fashion- lace. Lace is not normally my style, however, I can not help but get excited when I see some of the fabulous dresses that are out there right now! They are so feminine and delicate but they are also modern, fashionable, and sometimes a little bit daring. Here are my top ten favorite lace dresses of the moment.

dress 1dress 2dress 3dress 4dress 5dress 6dress 7dress 8dress 9dress 10

(dress 1, dress 2, dress 3, dress 4, dress 5, dress 6, dress 7, dress 8, dress 9, dress 10)

Goodness, those are GORGEOUS! I am seriously loving this trend right now. In fact, I may just spend the rest of the day finding more lace to look at. That sounds way more fun than my grown-up to-do list of paying bills, cleaning the apartment, and cooking dinner. I am pretty sure lace will win that battle.

If you love lace dresses let us know. If you rocked a lace dress at your wedding send us pics. Let’s celebrate lace together!

Happy Thursday!

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