the makings of a great weekday

Y’all today is one of those weekdays that is going to be a bit challenging. I am running on a few hours of sleep and my to-do list is overflowing with a ton of items including fun gems like paying the bills and updating the budget.

To combat my weekday blues I created a list of the makings for a great day. These are things that always make me feel better, no matter how boring, hard, or “adult” my day is!





1. Cute mugs and great coffee

2. Smitten Kitchen cookbook. You will be drooling by page 10.

3. Adorable and affordable clothes. This is my summer wardrobe. You can find the pieces here, here, here, and here

4. Great music by some of my favorite men- NEEDTOBREATHE. Roll down the windows and rock out

5. Yummy cocktails. Hubs is a bit of a mixologist so he is always willing to whip me up something delicious to drink. Here’s the recipe for a pink lemonade margarita.

6. New Girl. Get ready to laugh

Do you have a go-to list of things that make your weekdays great? Let us know!

Happy weekday!


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