on why simplicity is often best.

whether it’s a token white t-shirt, classic chocolate cake, or a single flower in a vase; sometimes it’s the simple things that can speak the loudest.

when planning a party, an outfit, a vacation, or even, heck, your life. I think often we get lost in the hundreds of thousands of options. Lots of great options. Lots of unique and fun and crazy and loud options. This gives endless choices that can often lead to being overwhelmed (Side note, name this movie: “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” please say you’ve seen this).

Sometimes the answer to your problem is not MORE solutions but less. I think in the world of Pinterest, Sam’s club, and excess, it’s easy to feel like more is more. I think as a creative, it is often making the most of out the least. And when done right, simple details can speak volumes about a person, an event; it can tell a story that might have been lost in the clutter of all the surplus. So I’m not saying you have to only buy one snack– in fact your guests might resent you for that. But before you go all crazy adding toothpick DIY sparkly rainbow poof hearts (or something like that) to your party, think about what is truly meaningful and what you want to express in that particular arena of your life and then execute it a simple way that still feels “you”. I’ve been finding that living minimally (comparatively speaking of course) has challenged me to use what I have, where I am and make it represent who I am and what I want to tell the world.

Here’s some inspiration in simple images that I found compelling:




(photos via: Good Grief, Miss Agnes!, unknown, Occasions Online, and Design Sponge)


And maybe your math teacher was right (and it pains me to say it but), just KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.


2 thoughts on “on why simplicity is often best.

  1. Chandra

    It is so funny that you mentioned this. Some of my favorite (and now go to) outfits have been the choices that were the simplest. A basic cardigan, pencil skirt, and heels. A simple vintage dress and flats. Stuff that didn’t require layering, arm candy, and OMGALLTHETRENDS!

    My husband and I (I found you because you commented on our wedding post on Oh Lovely Day yesterday!) are preparing to take some photos for our one year anniversary. Of course I went to Pinterest to be inspired. I ended up pinning tons of stuff and then last night I just decided to stop. The whole idea behind the photos is to a. have some photos for the future and b. choose some prints for our Christmas cards. All of the props and other stuff is totally trendy and virtually unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

    I think it’s so easy to get caught up in how fancy or cutesy the presentation is, when less is more seems to be the route to take 95% of the time.


    1. meredithmilady


      Thanks so much for your comment! Your wedding was so sweet and beautiful, I loved the post that Oh Lovely Day put up about y’all!
      That is so true- our clothes and pictures often look best when they are understated and simple. We do love a good over the top photo-shoot or outfit occasionally but for the most part we are simple girls who love the basics!
      -The Merry Team


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