thursday trends- coral

There isn’t a color I can think of that is more trendy than coral. (do people say trendy anymore?) These peachy, pink, and orange hues are so popular right now. I can’t blame anyone for loving this color. It adds brightness to any room, vibrancy to floral arrangements, and makes even the palest girl look like she has a bronzy glow. SIGN ME UP. (personal note- shouldn’t I be tan considering it is mid-august? instead I look like it is december and I haven’t seen the sun in months. embarrassing)

Here are some of the most fun uses of coral I have seen lately. Go get your coral on.

Fotor0814114326Fotor0814114547Fotor0814113626 (Drinks, Silverware, Skirt (unknown), Flowers, Invitation, Cake, Crown, Table)

See y’all tomorrow!

peace, love, and coral


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