thursday trends- compote floral design

Y’all, this is my favorite thing happening in floral design right now. I know I said that about hanging florals and floral crowns but I think I mean it this time. Compotes (a fancy word for a wide mouthed, footed vase) are some of the coolest containers. For some reason, flowers seem to look better in them than in a regular vase. I have no idea why, they just do. I’m just going to go with it. Want to know my favorite thing about compote design? Ok, I will tell you- most of the designs in these gorgeous containers are asymmetrical which I LOVE. Give me a cup of coffee and pictures of asymmetrical floral arrangements and I could be content for hours. Another thing I love about compote designs is that most of them have an airy feel. Compotes make it easy for designers to leave trailing vines and all sorts of other goodies that make these arrangements open and STUNNING.

Ok fine, I will stop gushing about compote designs. I will let you experience all their gorgeous goodness for yourself.

Are you in love yet? Seriously, these would make absolutely perfect centerpieces for a wedding. They would be the type of table decor that would make your guests jaws drop. Let’s be real, you want a wedding that keeps your guests talking months after the event. Compote designs are your ticket.

If you are crazy over compotes let us know. We will be staring at these lustfully all day.

carry on & merry on


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