the art of gift giving

hi friends!

yesterday was one of my favorite days. it was my 21st birthday and was spent beautifully with friends and family making sure the day was special. i am such a fan of other people’s birthdays, but when it comes to mine I tend to get uncomfortable. I am awful at accepting gifts, but this year my loved ones made it easy. Big gifts overwhelm me. However, if the gifts represent our friendships and are more thoughtful than expensive- they melt my heart. this year it seemed everyone was bent on spoiling me with personalized gifts that completely wowed me. it got me thinking about what makes a gift amazing- it’s not the money spent, but the thought behind it. not the packaging, but the time put into making it personal. Here are just a few of the lovely gifts that brightened my day and showed me how sweet friendships can be. (p.s. sorry for some of the iPhone pictures. I just had to share.)

atx 001
atx 001_1

These ¬†precious moments of my day made it one of the best. A bracelet from my parents of an arrow- my photography logo that’s so dear to me. ! homemade card complete with pictures and an Icee cup (we have an Icee addiction) from my summer roommate. ! painting from one of my very best friends that are “sunshine colors because I love sunshine.” A friend got me a life-size Superman cutout because I drew him a Superman for his locker our senior year of highschool that he still has. A surprise party with my YoungLife team. Not to mention the homemade gourmet cupcakes or the Starbucks runs or Austin trip the night before. There were countless other moments that made that day so special, but seeing the thought and the generosity behind the gifts I was given- I have never felt so loved. There is truly an art to gift giving. I hope the next time you have a loved one with a birthday you take the time to personalize their gift and make it unique to y’alls friendship. Let these inspire you!

Love and sunshine.


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