types of floral design

Let’s talk about the ever changing and slightly confusing world of floral design. Hands down, this is the subject I get the most questions on so I am here to help you out!  Now I wish I could help you figure out a way to make exercise more fun or how to have a closet filled with amazing clothes while shopping on a budget. Unfortunately I am still working on figuring out those things myself. I know, disappointing. However, I think I can help you a little bit as long as it involves flowers!

Do you know what is the most common question question I get asked by girls who are engaged?  “What should I do about my flowers?” Most girls don’t know where to start. That’s ok! It’s ok if you have no idea what style you like, the names of flowers, or what colors to use when you start out. Figuring out your flowers is a learning process. Plus, if you hire a great designer they should be able/willing to help you learn. I do want to take a few minutes and clear up what some of the main descriptive words mean so that you feel a little bit more confident when it comes to your florals.

1. Classic

Classic means traditional wedding designs- round bouquets and centerpieces, roses, hydrangea, and things like that. These types of designs remind me of Audrey Hepburn, soft music, and elegant parties.

merry floral stylesmerry floral stylesmerry floral styles

2. Modern

The word “modern” can mean different things to different floral designers so for our sake “modern” is going to mean what is most popular right now. The current trend in floral design is asymmetrical mixed floral designs. It looks like someone grabbed flowers from a garden and magically made them into a gorgeous design. Think stylish bohemian, bold sweetness, and whimsical elegance.

merry floral stylesmerry floral stylesmerry floral styles

3. Rustic

I think this is everyones favorite wedding word right now. Rustic weddings have been HUGE the past few years and don’t show a lot of signs of slowing down. Rustic is more a feeling than type of design or type of flower. These types of designs are usually looser, have a lot of greenery, and are in unusual containers. They should make you think of hay-bales, burlap bows, and rides through the country in a big pick up truck (all while being gorgeous and stylish of course!)

merry floral stylesmerry floral stylesmerry floral styles

4. Open

Open designs are extremely popular right now. They are very similar to the mixed asymmetrical modern designs. However, the big difference is that these designs are going to have a lot of negative space- meaning they will have flowers or greenery sticking out with nothing around them. They are going to have that “picked from the garden” feel but they are even airier, lighter, and maybe a bit more natural.

merry floral stylesmerry floral stylesmerry floral styles

Ok, I feel like I have been typing for hours. Hopefully these descriptions will help clear up some confusion and give you a better idea of your floral style! As always, if you have any questions feel free to comment or shoot us an email.

Happy September!

Let’s make it the merriest month yet.

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