let’s have tea


Y’all, we are SO excited to be posting our first ever styled shoot today! This was such a fun project- we got to style, photograph, and hang out with our friends. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend a night?

I don’t know why we ever stopped having tea parties. As little girls we would set up colorful tables filled with cups, imaginary food, and occasionally stuffed animals. Those morning teas were special; they were filled with friends, laughter, and sweet moments. Well, it is time tea-parties make a comeback! We created this grown up version of a tea-party for our friends. It has vintage vases, simple place settings, and a whole lot of joy. I don’t know about you but that is how I would like to start my weekends! Plus, as an added bonus, everything we used was from one home, meaning this tea-party did not cost us a thing (Even the flowers were created with plants from the backyard) Ok, enough gabbing, let’s get to the party!

edit007 edit020edit023edit008edit011edit029edit018edit027edit017edit015edit022

Goodness, I love how simple and sweet this is. If these images don’t make you want to throw a tea-party I don’t know what will. Go enjoy your weekend! (If it is like mine it will be filled with college football)

Now, anyone want to have tea?



All images owned by MadelineRanda Photography and the Merry team


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