let’s meet Maddy

On this bright and sunny Tuesday morning I am celebrating. Why, you may ask? I am celebrating for a few reasons. 1) I made salted chocolate coffee creamer yesterday and had it for the first time this morning. Oh my goodness it is amazing. 2) We are a little closer to Saturday when I will be on the edge of my seat watching one of the most anticipated college football games of the year (more on that on Friday). 3) Over the next few Tuesdays, starting today, we are going to be giving you a more in depth look at Merry! I am so excited for you to learn more about our writers and our blog.

Today we are introducing you to one of the members of the Merry team- Maddy. Maddy is crazy talented y’all. She is an amazing photographer and an even better friend. Don’t believe me? Check out what her boss Michelle Boyd (another seriously wonderful photographer) had to say about Maddy after she finished her internship.  She is your go to girl for a laugh, adventure, hug, and great mixed cd. Maddy is one of the coolest, kindest, and most genuine people you will ever meet. And I’m not just saying that because she is my sister and best friend, I mean it!

Maddy brings so much to Merry. She adds touches of spunk, style, and sunshine to everything she touches. Hope you enjoy getting to know her a little bit better!


Current jams?
kill your heroes- awolnation
royals- lorde
san fransisco- the mowgli’s
counting stars- one republic
blurred lines- robin thicke

Go-to outfit?
blue jean shorts, cute tank, denim button down, coral keds

Best thing you cook?
pasta or mexican quinoa
i am also great at kraft macaroni and cheese

Coffee, tea, or other favorite drinks?
soy vanilla latte
green tea


Best book you have read lately?
love does by Bob Goff

Current top 5 favorite things?
fresh flowers
running around the lake
paddle boarding
blackberry cobbler
summer playlists

Ideal weekend?
going on an adventure!
playing with friends, paddle boarding, going to an outdoor concert

Best thing about writing for Merry?
getting to be creative with my sister and collaborate with friends.


If you want to see some of Maddy’s work, learn more about her, or copy her style here are her photography page, bio, instagram, and pinterest.

The Merry team is definitely better off because of this beauty!

Now, go drink some yummy coffee and enjoy your Tuesday.

Stay merry!



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