Thursday Trend: Let Them Eat Pie!

Hi friends! Fall is oh-so-close! I am literally counting the days until it cools down and I can snuggle up with apple cider and leggings. My heart can hardly handle the anticipation. With the new season comes new fruit, and with that comes my new trend! I have seen it in quite a few weddings recently, and the trend is fantastic no matter if it’s summer or winter. Today’s trend: pies at weddings! I absolutely love how having pies allows for tons of different flavor options, but you can still have your cake and eat it too! Pie tables add a sense of whimsical personality to the traditional wedding dessert table. Mark them with flags, make custom place cards, or adorn them with bride and groom toppers. Pumpkin and apple and pecan, OH MY! Enjoy these scrumptious looking pies, I’m about to go pretend to be Julia Child and try to make one of these delicious desserts.


Hope this inspired you to whip up some rustic, fall filled pies for your big day! Love and sunshine!


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