(my) space jams.

okay, that title was too much. combining myspace and space jam is really a tragedy in itself. but alas, a post about spaces i’m loving:

maybe it’s my love of design, maybe i’m just judgmental, but i feel like I find myself subconsciously critiquing spaces, their design, or font choices, etc etc. I’ll choose to think this is an endearing, necessary quality that complements my natural abilities. But, because of this, it’s often hard for me to see past choices people have made creatively (or not creatively) in their house, event space, or store. I just think that the atmosphere you create is vital to the mood and feeling of a place or event and it translates to the way people feel about what is happening around them. i guess this means i would turn my nose up at the DESPICABLE mess that’s in my house right now but we won’t discuss that.

i think when i think of events, my ideal setup is open but intimate; warm but not stifling. Naturally, i’m drawn to wood, brick, natural lighting and the like. These spaces seem like canvases so that you can make the event and decor speak for itself instead of being defined by the space it’s in (although all events are defined by the space to some end). Sometimes really unique spaces can be hard to come by so when I see pictures of awesome ones it keeps my hopes alive. Second best to outdoor events to me, are these sorts of spaces. I can only hope to hold events in these spaces some day. until then, i’ll keep dreamin’.





(spaces from R to L: craft studiospatina vintage rentals, 401 RozendalAndrew Richard Designs rachel craven textile studio , and unknown)

What are your favorite spaces that you’ve had or seen events held? Share please!


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