fall DIY projects

Happy October! I am so excited for this new month. No worries, I already got a jump start on my fall baking this weekend. Hubs came home from work on Friday to find a pile of pumpkin cranberry cookies and pumpkin swirl brownies. We aren’t even going to try to pretend to be healthy, we are just going to embrace that fall means a whole lot of sweets and whole lot of extra calories.

Today, I am sharing with y’all my fall craft bucket list. It isn’t very long because 1) I have a tiny budget 2) I don’t have a lot of time and 3) if I have to choose between baking and crafting with my time I usually choose baking. Are you understanding how much I love pumpkin treats? I really do want to try to make these projects happen over the next few months. They all look simple (the only type of crafting I do), budget friendly, and adorable. Ok, lets get to it!

1. Sequin Sweater

a pair and a spare sequin sweater diy

A Pair and A Spare

2. Fall Chalkboard

Clarendon Lane DIY Autumn Chalkboard

Clarendon Lane

3. Glitter Banner


Lauren Conrad

That really is how simple my fall craft bucket list is. I know you must be thinking, “Is Meredith the only person who has a Pinterest account who doesn’t have a chalkboard in her home?” Yes. Yes, I am. However, this fall that is going to change. I can not wait to try these three projects! Let us know what your fall craft bucket list is, we would love to hear about the projects you are going to make.

Enjoy your first day of October & craft on!


One thought on “fall DIY projects

  1. katie

    Thanks for featuring my chalkboard! I LOVE the sweater with sequins…but sewing crafts aren’t my specialty so I’d probably look into buying one. 🙂 xoxo


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