fashion finds

Ok y’all, let’s talk fashion. Lately I have been realizing that it is hard to have a personal sense of style. I have friends who do this really well. Every time they step out of their home they look adorable, stylish, and 100 percent themselves. You know the girls I am talking about, they have a defined style that reflects their personality and they never look like they are trying too hard. Well, I want to be one of those girls.  Fashion is something I have historically struggle with. Maybe it is the result of going to a private school where my uniform was chosen for me. No matter what the cause, my closet is sparse and doesn’t really reflect the woman I am or the woman I want to be. It’s pretty much all t-shirts, a few Forever 21 tops, and a whole lot of scarves. My basic fashion philosophy for the past five years has been, “If you add a cute scarf to an outfit you will automatically look more stylish.” Like I told you, I am in need of some fashion help.

However, I have decided it is time for a change. I want to have cute clothes, a personal sense of style, and feel good about the outfits I put together. When I wear a great outfit I feel more confident, creative, productive, and bold. Who doesn’t want to feel like that on the daily? This month I have set aside a little bit of money in my budget to try to help myself out. By a little bit of money, I really mean a little bit of money. As a fresh out of college newly-wed, my budget is TIGHT so I need to be able to look good for as few pennies as possible. Here are the pieces I have found that have given me some inspiration and some hope that I can still become a fashionable person. All of these items are budget friendly or are on sale for a budget friendly price (minus the Kate Spade watch, a girl can dream right?) In a few weeks I will update y’all on what I actually bought, hopefully I will do you proud. Now, let’s get to shopping!


Did you see that scarf I slipped in there? I couldn’t help myself, old habits die hard. I am not sure exactly what my personal style is going to look like yet but I do know ANYTHING will be better than what I am doing now. How about you? Do you struggle with fashion? If you have a defined personal style, how did you find it? We would love to hear from you!

Hope you have a stylish and fun Tuesday!


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