Thursday Trends: Naked Cakes

Hi friends! So today’s Thursday trend might sound slightly scandalous, but it’s one of the sweetest fads around! Definitely one of my favorites to see at weddings! Naked cakes. These beauties are the up and coming wedding sensation. It can fit any wedding style, from rustic to elegant. I fell in love with these. I am so excited to write about this! (The possible post names I ran by the Merry team got more and more hilarious over time. My personal favorite- Thursday Trends: Nakey Bakey. Don’t know why that got vetoed…)

Traditional iced cakes are beautiful, but for those brides who want something unexpected and enchantingly different- I would look into naked cakes! They offer a unique spin on a classic wedding staple and are able to look so versatile depending on the season. Even more than weddings, this trendy favorite could be a hit of any type of party! I’m thinking of throwing a backyard shindig in a few weeks, one of these will be perfect. Let’s see if I inherited the amazing baking ability Meredith has! So check out these mouth watering creations, grab some inspiration, and have fun designing your own!





Love and Sunshine!


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