what’s in season- fall

Good morning darling readers, aren’t you thrilled it is Friday? I woke up smiling because I was so excited for today and for this weekend. Plus, Hubs left me extra coffee this morning which always puts me in a great mood!

One of the biggest questions I get from people about flowers is, “What is in season?” Let me tell you, that is a GREAT question to ask!! Some flowers have become available year round and are generally season-less (I don’t think that is a real word but I still like it). These are flowers like Roses, Hydrangea, Alstroemeria, and Carnations. However, some flowers do have a true season and are generally less-expensive and more available during those months.

So what does that mean for you? It means that being aware of and using seasonal flowers can help you reduce costs for your wedding! Plus, as an added bonus, using seasonal flowers will really give your floral arrangements and wedding the feel of whatever season you are in.

Keep in mind that where you live can affect seasonality. In Texas (where the Merry team is) Dahlias are available in the fall but in some areas of the country they are only available during the summer. Also, know that if you have your heart set on a particular flower, such as Ranunculus or Lavender, your floral designer should have access to it through a wholesaler. Some flowers, like Peonies, are only available a short time throughout the year but most flowers can be purchased anytime, they just may be a little more expensive when they are out of season.

Tomorrow, we are going to be bringing y’all some pictures of floral arrangements with fall flowers but for today I figured we would just share a little guide to help you start to know what is currently in season. Don’t worry, we will do the same for Winter, Spring, and Summer soon!

merry post

Hope y’all have an amazing Friday! I am off to go prep for two weddings this weekend and finish up the pot of coffee that is currently calling my name.

Stay seasonal, stay merry!


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