About Merry

Well hello there! Welcome to our blog.

Merry started as a dream but has turned into a group of girlfriends who love all things creative,  bold, and girly. We plan events, create designs, take pictures, make flowers and so much more. As you can guess, we blog about creative things. This blog isn’t stuffy, it’s casual, honest, and fun, just like any good friend or event should be!

Our blog is an outlet, it’s a place where we write about events, fashion, projects, and anything else that gets our creative juices flowing. We hope it is a place of inspiration, pretty pictures, and funny words. We want Merry to fire you up, encourage you, and stretch you creatively because that is what it does for us! So, if you love creative things, you are in the right place. If you want to spend hours looking at wedding and lifestyle inspiration, we have got you covered. If you want to laugh along with us as we try to stumble through our twenties while also trying to pursue our dreams, welcome. No matter why you are reading our blog, we are glad you are here!

Now, grab a cup of coffee, get settled in, and enjoy.

Here are some of our favorite posts to get you started

Welcome to Merry

welcome to merry

Denim Vest

denim vest fashion

Lavender and Lace Wedding

lavender + lace wedding

Hanging Florals

hanging florals

DIY American Flag Overalls

diy american flag overalls

Coffee Bridal Shower

coffee bridal shower


*We want to respect fellow creatives by always giving them recognition for their work and try to credit every image we use correctly. If you see an image that has been incorrectly credited please let us know immediately. We will fix it right away or take it down. Thanks!

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