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southwestern event

Guys. This is one style.. I cannot. Every single time I see the first image, it stuns me. The colors; the style;  the everything. I just adore it.

But you’ve probably figured that out. No words will do it justice so, pictures:






(pictures via: 100 layer cake, ruffled blog, etsy blog post, yours is the earth, burnetts boards)

I still can’t get over these images. Hats off to all the creatives who made this stuff happen. The mix of bright colors with warm desert tones is pretty rad. What’s your favorite theme or color combination?

PS- the week is half over. This calls for a victory dance.


bold bohemian

Yesterday we talked about pastels and how they can be just as beautiful as bright colors. And it’s true. But today is another day. We are entering the world of the bohemian– perhaps the most overdone theme in this era. BUT it’s because it works. It’s eye-catching and bold but also free; ethereal. Whether it’s the ethnic feel of the decor or the flower headpiece; everyone seems to be drawn to what a bohemian look brings to the table.

Here are some pictures to get you drooling and brainstorming about how you can add some boho-chic to your life. I’m dying to have a bohemian themed photo shoot or event. Or a house or life. Also I’m listening to Bohemian Rhapsody right now. Too much? I concur. Just look at the pictures and let me groove in peace.


(photos: via the glamourai, via unknown, via unknown, via unknown, and via there’s a cool wind blowing)

Also can we notice how girl top right somehow made hiking boots look boho? Whatever.

Going to put on my headpiece now and be free.

diy prettyin’ up packages

This may be the easiest DIY post you ever see. When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I was almost offended at my own ignorance. OF COURSE I should buy some washi tape and OF COURSE I should decorate brown paper packages (tied up with string? anyone? Sound of Music? Carry on) with it. And then, THE DOTS. Someone out there is a genius and I want to say thank you on behalf of all us crafters who are dying for a way to avoid real wrapping paper, use our creativity, and look original all at the same time.

Here is what you need:

– plain brown craft packing paper — just made that term up. All I know is it’s in the packing section of Target and/or Wal-Mart. You will find it, I believe in you.

– some cutting device. I recommend scissors.

– washi tape, dots, some other item you can stick on that paper

– tape

All you’re going to need to do is; buy your friend a present (I count as your friend, right?). Wrap that sucker up in your craft paper. Tape it up nice and tight. Then do some sort of design with your decorative item. Voila! Easiest DIY done. Now ship that package, sisters, and nod and grin when the post office worker silently applauds your creativity.

PS. with a lack of sleep that is astronomical in my terms. ie: not 8 hours every night, I may have rambled a bit. I may have even had some lame jokes. This is due to that lack of sleep. Forgive me. And if it seems to happen every time I post? Well I have no answer for you.


IMG_9777 IMG_9781IMG_9787IMG_9784


happy campers

Being outdoors is one of my favorite things. So is camping. The combo of the two together is nearly unbeatable.

You may be thinking: “Well to camp, you have to be outside”. And I would say to you “True”. But some jokers call RV’ing or sleeping in a cabin camping. Those people are wrong. But we don’t have to make them feel bad. We are all going to be happy campers here. (Blame my dad for the corny jokes)

To consummate my love of styled shoots and camping, I created a little mood + color inspiration board for ya’ll to enjoy. So whether you are an avid camper or you prefer to enjoy nature from the comfort of the AC, I think we can all appreciate all the right that’s happening here. Who knows, it might even inspire you to take pictures in the woods and pretend you camp. Fake it til you make it, I always say.


(photo via LostInAmerica )

36d9d186d45782b4b4a1ce7bd0a037dbf51342e93d0ca982abadd95c1356415d8a8c2aed5b06a3f674def77512b1ee2a6dc4d7e1eec96d8b6af21e66203321cbcolor inspiration

(photos clockwise starting from top left: via Danique- 88Forever Flickr, via A Well Traveled Woman, via Britta Nickel, via My Blue Canoe)

diy american flag overalls


Originally I had planned an awesome t-shirt flag DIY idea which I surely will complete later and share but due to a few mishaps, it is not to be. Instead, I wanted to share a small, easy DIY and outfit post for 4th of July style.

But, first: People often compliment on my style and say “I could never pull that off”. And let me tell you — and this is coming from a girl who used to wear sweats and t-shirts for the better part of 5 years, YES YOU CAN. Style is all about rocking what you love and making it work. It’s not about spending lots of money on items you’ll wear once or wearing the biggest fad at the time (unless you happen to adore it), it’s about dressing to your personality and body. After many years of “never having anything to wear” and trying to fit in to a mold, I thought to heck with it and decided to try out different styles and options and somewhere along the way, I found my style. It varies and sometimes I get stuck in a rut but it has stretched me creatively to find new ways to use what I have and to let my clothes express a little piece of me instead of being defined by my clothes. It has been such a fun journey to try (and fail!) and learn what fits best and not feel pressured to buy every new trend as soon as it comes out (hi-lo dresses, chevron, crop tops, etc.) just to feel great about my wardrobe. Some of these are styles I eventually came to love and would buy but it’s great looking back at fashion fads that came and went that weren’t THAT great and not feel like I missed out on anything. As a bonafide thrifter, (and maybe later I will share a post on do and dont thrifting tips), I would encourage trying to find pieces that have come back in style (florals, for example) instead of spending lots of dough you could spend elsewhere. And it always feels like a treasure hunt when you find an awesome piece. This is why I may or may not be on hoarders one day, but it also accounts for about 90% of my wardrobe. So you decide which is the greater evil. I choose living in piles of crap later in life. All in the name of fashion, of course.

ANYWAYS, here is my DIY flag overalls. I’m going to rock these on the 4th and rock them hard. All I did was find a little flag (thrifting) and sew it onto some thicker backing. Then I just sewed them onto my (also thrifted) overalls. The rest of the outfit is up to you.

IMG_9701 IMG_9713IMG_9716 IMG_9717

Enjoy! And make sure to send us pictures of whatever great DIY project you did to show your 4th spirit! (I mean this less in a holy 4th spirit and more like cheerleading spirit. Carry on.)