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let’s talk about wedding planning

I have found a recipe for the perfect Tuesday morning. You ready for it? Caramel Brulee coffee creamer + Katy Perry. Sound a little crazy? It probably is. But right now I am drinking coffee that is mixed with this delicious creamer and listening to Roar on Spotify and I feel like I can get anything done. GREAT MORNING. Try it, let me know how it works for you.

Ok, onto wedding related things. Today’s blog is for all of the girls out there who are currently engaged or about to be engaged- to the girl who is worried about perfect centerpieces, fretting over the guest list, and anxious about anything and everything wedding related. I have been there. I have walked through the insane process of wedding planning while also preparing to graduate college and celebrate Christmas. What can I say, I like a little chaos in my life.

So why I am writing to you today? Because I want to encourage you and remind you that things will go wrong throughout the entire planning process. Don’t believe me? I am a floral designer and event planner and my wedding still had unplanned disasters. It’s my job people and there were still things I could have never prepared for! Still don’t believe me? Well, let me give you some examples.

Wedding Showers                                                                                                                                       We had not one but TWO wedding showers where hardly anyone showed up. For whatever reason on those two weekends in two completely different states we had tiny wedding showers. You know what? They were still awesome. We got to spend some serious quality time with people in the midst of a busy season and we had a blast.

1075404_10152051667929918_1391258033_o 178466_443836279006814_215639367_o

Bachelorette Party                                                                                                                                    My bachelorette party has become legendary with my friends. At the time it was a little crazy but now we look back and laugh about it. To start, our first night of the weekend we had all these plans to go out to bars, kareoke, and all sorts of fun stuff. Turns out Ft. Worth doesn’t have any bars or clubs that allow people under the age of 21 in them. My two little sisters (one biological one by friendship) were both 20 so we walked the streets of Ft. Worth looking for a place to go. Next, while we were looking for a place to go we got pulled over. Oh yes, a cop pulled us over for not putting on our blinker to pull off a curb. This started a very strange conversation between me and the cop about bars in town that may let in people under 21. He turned out to be very helpful and ended up not giving us a ticket, thank goodness. Later, while we were walking around we almost got hit by a drunk driver who proceeded to hit another car and drive off. Yep, thats right, we witnessed a hit and run. We ended up back at the hotel eating ice cream and fearful of what the rest of the weekend was going to look like. The next day we turned it around and had one of the sweetest and most fun days of my life. We went shopping, took hilarious pictures in a park (just as a 5k race went by of course) and laughed all day. The disastrous night before? It was one of the best bonding experiences I could have asked for.                                                                        —shout out to my sister for being the absolute best maid of honor- she was so flexible and rolled with all of the craziness that was happening and made it into the most hilarious and fun weekend a girl could want!

665451_10151488550489918_493307826_o 621476_10151488570189918_1582982039_o281167_10151488554734918_1449734378_o53457_10151488574974918_555331467_o

Wedding                                                                                                                                                     Our wedding was supposed to be outside on New Years Eve. Historically in Texas there is no rain in December. It rained the entire week of our wedding, got weirdly cold, and rained the day of our wedding. Our venue had to throw up a tent, decorate it, and change the entire set up last minute. We took our first look pictures outside in the mist, the best man lost his suit which resulted in hours of searching, and did I mention I was sick? Oh yeah, Rob and I both had serious colds. However, it was the BEST AND HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. All the challenges didn’t even matter because at the end of the day I got to be married to Hubs.


I wanted to share a little piece of my story with y’all because I have been in your shoes. I know some of you probably dream about seating charts, back up rain plans, bridesmaid dresses, and what could go wrong. Let me tell you, something will go differently than planned. It always does. After being a part of countless weddings I have still yet to see one go perfectly. You have got to roll with it and let it go. Don’t let the little stuff drive you crazy, don’t let the big stuff ruin your day. At the end of all of it you will be married. MARRIED!! How exciting is that? Who cares if the food shows up late, your hair looks differently than you wanted, or someone gives a weird toast? These are the things you will laugh about with your husband in the years to come. The point of a wedding isn’t to show people what a perfect party you can throw, it is to celebrate the fact that you are starting a life with the man of your dreams. Life is messy, crazy, and unpredictable. Why do we think weddings will be any different?

So I hope your wedding is everything you dreamed about. I hope it is amazing, fun, and goes off without a hitch. But I also hope that you spend more time dreaming about your marriage that your ceremony, that your husband loves you unconditionally, that your relationship is filled with as much fun, dancing, and laughter as your reception. All those little things that go wrong will not matter at all the minute you get married. In fact, you will probably spend part of your honeymoon laughing about them.

Except for the hit and run, that was legitimately scary.

So enjoy every minute of your engagement and wedding but don’t let it drive you crazy. Laugh at the small stuff, let go of the big stuff, and be merry and married.

It’s pretty awesome.


what’s in season- fall

Good morning darling readers, aren’t you thrilled it is Friday? I woke up smiling because I was so excited for today and for this weekend. Plus, Hubs left me extra coffee this morning which always puts me in a great mood!

One of the biggest questions I get from people about flowers is, “What is in season?” Let me tell you, that is a GREAT question to ask!! Some flowers have become available year round and are generally season-less (I don’t think that is a real word but I still like it). These are flowers like Roses, Hydrangea, Alstroemeria, and Carnations. However, some flowers do have a true season and are generally less-expensive and more available during those months.

So what does that mean for you? It means that being aware of and using seasonal flowers can help you reduce costs for your wedding! Plus, as an added bonus, using seasonal flowers will really give your floral arrangements and wedding the feel of whatever season you are in.

Keep in mind that where you live can affect seasonality. In Texas (where the Merry team is) Dahlias are available in the fall but in some areas of the country they are only available during the summer. Also, know that if you have your heart set on a particular flower, such as Ranunculus or Lavender, your floral designer should have access to it through a wholesaler. Some flowers, like Peonies, are only available a short time throughout the year but most flowers can be purchased anytime, they just may be a little more expensive when they are out of season.

Tomorrow, we are going to be bringing y’all some pictures of floral arrangements with fall flowers but for today I figured we would just share a little guide to help you start to know what is currently in season. Don’t worry, we will do the same for Winter, Spring, and Summer soon!

merry post

Hope y’all have an amazing Friday! I am off to go prep for two weddings this weekend and finish up the pot of coffee that is currently calling my name.

Stay seasonal, stay merry!

how to get out of a rut.



creatively, i often find myself at a place where i am bankrupt. my drive, desire and inspiration is depleted and i find myself in a place where i am questioning whether the instinctual vision i usually feel close to the surface in my mind is actually real or not.

now the root of this usually is my time with god. creatively, he is at the center and focal point of not only why i do the things i do (painting, crafting, etc.) but the also the inspiration behind them anyways. usually once i get my mind right, my creative block usually goes on at least a short hiatus.

things i tend to avoid when trying to get my groove back is – comparing myself, trying to copy something exactly, whether it be an oufit, decorations, art, etc, and most importantly; taking it slow. often i get frustrated when i don’t immediately have a great idea or i do and then i can’t execute it the way i imagined. by refusing to compare myself or my ideas to other people’s, i am more gracious to myself and allow myself time to think about what i am really hoping to accomplish in whatever venture i am trying out. the other faux pas act of copying someone exactly diminishes your abilities and limits the scope of what you are capable of creatively. I’ve found that the less i copy, the less i compare myself later. I find lots of inspiration in people, pins, and past ventures; whether by other people or my own. BUT the difference is that when i copy someone in their precise artistic choices- i have now curbed my capacities. instead, i seek inspiration in those things that excite me, move me; and then i use those feelings to create something that mimics those emotions but in my own unique way. No one really cares to or wants to see work by a person who exclusively and knowingly just copies other peoples work. It comes off shallow, fake, uninspirational. And the juxtaposition; the ‘original’ (whatever the argument of whether there is any truly original work aside), is something that impels, motivates, and leaves people better.

This is always a struggle for me, as i’m sure it is for most artists and those that would consider themselves creative (aka everyone in their own way). but the value and importance of learning to get out of a rut and continue to make the world better by being yourself and staying true to your own unique and valuable talents cannot be understated.

so, “some quote about you being born an original so don’t die a copy”. which makes me cringe. but REALLY. find who you are and what you want to tell the world and then do and be that. humbly, courageously, boldly. because the world needs you people.

on why simplicity is often best.

whether it’s a token white t-shirt, classic chocolate cake, or a single flower in a vase; sometimes it’s the simple things that can speak the loudest.

when planning a party, an outfit, a vacation, or even, heck, your life. I think often we get lost in the hundreds of thousands of options. Lots of great options. Lots of unique and fun and crazy and loud options. This gives endless choices that can often lead to being overwhelmed (Side note, name this movie: “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” please say you’ve seen this).

Sometimes the answer to your problem is not MORE solutions but less. I think in the world of Pinterest, Sam’s club, and excess, it’s easy to feel like more is more. I think as a creative, it is often making the most of out the least. And when done right, simple details can speak volumes about a person, an event; it can tell a story that might have been lost in the clutter of all the surplus. So I’m not saying you have to only buy one snack– in fact your guests might resent you for that. But before you go all crazy adding toothpick DIY sparkly rainbow poof hearts (or something like that) to your party, think about what is truly meaningful and what you want to express in that particular arena of your life and then execute it a simple way that still feels “you”. I’ve been finding that living minimally (comparatively speaking of course) has challenged me to use what I have, where I am and make it represent who I am and what I want to tell the world.

Here’s some inspiration in simple images that I found compelling:




(photos via: Good Grief, Miss Agnes!, unknown, Occasions Online, and Design Sponge)


And maybe your math teacher was right (and it pains me to say it but), just KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.

sweet reminder//getting to know you

Today is just one of those days I know is going to be great. I have nothing special on my agenda- my day will be filled with writing, working out, cleaning the apartment, and waiting for Hubs to get home. I know, so exciting! Still, today is going to be such a wonderful day. I have my extra big coffee mug beside me, One Direction’s new album playing, a yummy lemon candle lit, and my dog is sleeping on my feet. What could be better?

Today I wanted to pass on this sweet reminder to each and every one of you but especially to any one who is in the midst of planning a party or wedding.

2c53c44e95a0bc79c8907123d19ab647 Planning an event can consume you. Your days become filled with details, to-do lists, and stress. I wanted to remind you to keep what matters close to your heart and let go of the unnecessary. If you are spending more time planning than pouring into your relationships, it may be time to reevaluate where your priorities are.

One of my favorite bloggers Lara Casey has declared that her August will be an “intentional August” where she slows down and focuses on what is most important. (follow her on Instagram, she posts about how she is working on her #intentionalaugust) Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all did that? I hope this quote will remind you throughout the month to live each day intentionally and with purpose. Pursue what matters and be done with the rest!

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Ok, time to totally switch gears. We want to get to know our readers better meaning we want to get to know YOU! If you read our blog or stumble across this post today please let us know. Comment below or send us an email! We want to know who you are, if you have a blog, and what your favorite things to read about are. Over then next few weeks we will be sharing some fun posts where you get to meet the Merry team but in the mean time we want to get to know you!

We are so thankful for every reader we have and are excited to hopefully get to know y’all better!

Make today great!

– the merry girls

be silly

Merry has officially been up and running for four weeks!!

To celebrate this little milestone I wanted to share one of my favorite images I have come across this year.


Be goofy. Chase your dreams. Let yourself be a bit crazy. That is what we are doing!

Thanks for supporting us the past few weeks. We hope you continue to be silly, adventurous, and girly with us as we continue this journey.


The Merry Team

girl’s guide to pinterest -part 3

Does anyone else feel like it should be much later in the week than Wednesday? Somehow I managed to pack two weeks worth of activity into the past three days. I can not wait for the Saturday- I am already dreaming about not setting an alarm, drinking my morning coffee while I read a new book, and spending the better part of the day simply relaxing.

Ok, on to our last Pinterest series post! Woohoo! We have come such a long way. I know how hard it was for most of you to stop pinning wedding things if you aren’t engaged. I am so proud of you! Hopefully you have also determined what you and your finace like, found inspiration in magazines and blogs, and started a very focused and purposeful pinterest board. At this point you are practically a rockstar at using Pinterest to find what you want. I only have two more tips for you then you will be ready to ride without training wheels. I just hope I don’t cry when you go for your first solo ride.

Here are the last things you should know about Pinterest and wedding planning

5. When in doubt, don’t use it! You are a unique and creative person. I promise, you have more fun and wonderful ideas in your head than you think. Trust your instinct and embrace what makes you special. Pinterest can take creative ideas and make them mainstream really fast. Suddenly, every wedding you go to looks like a “pinterest wedding” If you don’t want your wedding to look like that then don’t use Pinterest! Find inspiration and then take over from there. Do things that are totally and uniquely you. If you think you aren’t creative or are struggling to come up with cohesive ideas, ask someone. I am sure one of your friends is just dying to step in and help plan the absolute perfect wedding for you!

6. Use a secret board. Honestly, this is my biggest tip for people using Pinterest for wedding ideas. Want to know why? We are at the age where most of our friends are starting to get engaged. There is a better than average chance that one of your friends will become engaged while you are planning your wedding. Suddenly, she is planning a wedding too, possibly a wedding that will be happening before you. So what happens? She re-pins all of your ideas that she loves. Your style, creativity, and hard work have just been kidnapped by another bride. There is not a whole lot more frustrating than searching for ideas to create your perfect wedding only to have someone else use them, especially if she is getting married before you and inviting a lot of the same people. Just go ahead and make your board secret that way you will never have to worry if your friend really found that cute idea for a centerpiece on her own or if she copied yours. Plus, there is something to be said for keeping a little mystery in the wedding planning process. You want your guests to be surprised and amazed when they walk in to your reception and not know exactly how you will be decorating. Make your wedding board secret, TRUST ME.

Ok, that is all I have for our Pinterest talk! Here is a little picture with all of our steps so you don’t forget.

pinterest series

Stay strong girls. Fight the urge to pin everything wedding related and spend the time you would be pinning hanging out with your man. He is way better than a pinterest board.

As always, email us if you have any questions or need any help.  And feel free to follow us on Pinterest!

Too soon?