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how to get out of a rut.



creatively, i often find myself at a place where i am bankrupt. my drive, desire and inspiration is depleted and i find myself in a place where i am questioning whether the instinctual vision i usually feel close to the surface in my mind is actually real or not.

now the root of this usually is my time with god. creatively, he is at the center and focal point of not only why i do the things i do (painting, crafting, etc.) but the also the inspiration behind them anyways. usually once i get my mind right, my creative block usually goes on at least a short hiatus.

things i tend to avoid when trying to get my groove back is – comparing myself, trying to copy something exactly, whether it be an oufit, decorations, art, etc, and most importantly; taking it slow. often i get frustrated when i don’t immediately have a great idea or i do and then i can’t execute it the way i imagined. by refusing to compare myself or my ideas to other people’s, i am more gracious to myself and allow myself time to think about what i am really hoping to accomplish in whatever venture i am trying out. the other faux pas act of copying someone exactly diminishes your abilities and limits the scope of what you are capable of creatively. I’ve found that the less i copy, the less i compare myself later. I find lots of inspiration in people, pins, and past ventures; whether by other people or my own. BUT the difference is that when i copy someone in their precise artistic choices- i have now curbed my capacities. instead, i seek inspiration in those things that excite me, move me; and then i use those feelings to create something that mimics those emotions but in my own unique way. No one really cares to or wants to see work by a person who exclusively and knowingly just copies other peoples work. It comes off shallow, fake, uninspirational. And the juxtaposition; the ‘original’ (whatever the argument of whether there is any truly original work aside), is something that impels, motivates, and leaves people better.

This is always a struggle for me, as i’m sure it is for most artists and those that would consider themselves creative (aka everyone in their own way). but the value and importance of learning to get out of a rut and continue to make the world better by being yourself and staying true to your own unique and valuable talents cannot be understated.

so, “some quote about you being born an original so don’t die a copy”. which makes me cringe. but REALLY. find who you are and what you want to tell the world and then do and be that. humbly, courageously, boldly. because the world needs you people.