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beautiful bridesmaids

Do y’all ever have days where you just need to see something pretty? Where all you want to do is curl up with wedding magazines and spend a few hours ignoring the clutter and mess around you? Today is that day for me. Hubs and I are moving in five days and our apartment has become a maze of furniture, boxes, and packing material. And our washer flooded the laundry room and kitchen this morning. And I fell down the stairs in front of my neighbors a few hours ago. So believe me when I tell you, I need to see some pretty things today! To remedy my crazy morning, I have pulled together some of the most stunning bridesmaid dresses I could find. Over the past few years bridesmaid dresses have gone from ugly to fabulous. Brides are now using their bridesmaids as a way to show off some serious fashion. I LOVE IT.  Tulle, lace, neutrals, brights, similar, or mixed, I don’t care, I love them all. As long as they are fashionable, adorable, and girly, you can bet I will be drooling over them. Ready to see some great dresses? Let’s do this- 


Bonus: bridesmaid tights- whoever came up with this idea is GENIUS


Oh, my morning is brighter already! These make me want to get married all over again (to Hubs of course) so I can pick out some more fabulous bridesmaids dresses. Especially that black tulle number, did you see that beauty? Swoon! Let us know what your faves are!

Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start,

Long live beautiful bridesmaid dresses!


whitney + justin

Y’all, we are THRILLED to be sharing our first ever real wedding today on Merry! 

Today’s wedding is the perfect one to be our first real wedding feature. Y’all know we love when events are beautiful and meaningful and todays wedding is just that! It is from a sweet couple who loves the Lord, their friends, and having a great time. Their wedding was full of rustic details, Texas A&M traditions, and heartfelt moments. Plus, Whitney and Justin had their reception in a local country dance hall. How awesome is that?? Seriously, these pictures will make you wish you were there, they are filled with life and fun. Hopefully you will be inspired by the personal touches, the hilarious bridal party, and the pure JOY that radiates from Whitney and Justin. Check it out!



Isn’t this wedding just adorable? It makes me want to go put on my boots, find a nearby wedding, and get to dancing. Whitney & Justin- we are so honored to be able to feature your wedding today! The way y’all love one another is so beautiful and your joy is contagious. We have no doubt that y’alls marriage will be even more sweet, loving, and happy than your wedding!

Our goal is to continue to be able to share real events with y’all so if your wedding or party was merry be sure to send it to us! There is nothing more inspiring than seeing other people create gorgeous, fun, and meaningful events. 

Be sure to tell us your favorite part of Whitney and Justin’s wedding! 

Now go get your college football on.