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Can y’all believe it is December already? We already have a Christmas tree up and lights on our house. Hubs has declared himself the “exterior illumination specialist” and spent the weekend running to Target for more lights and extra extension cords. Our house has become a mini winter wonderland. We don’t have lights synchronized to music or huge inflatables in our yard but I wouldn’t put it past him for next year!

So today I wanted to share with y’all a few fun bachelorette party ideas. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas or the holiday season but I have been holding on to this post for a while and finally had time to share it! Now, y’all have already heard the story of my bachelorette party here. It was unconventional, a little crazy, and so much fun! My sister came up with some great creative ideas like a photo shoot in our old prom dresses, going to the Fort Worth Stock Yards for a country concert, and spending a morning shopping and fueling up on Starbucks. When it comes to bachelorette parties don’t feel like you have to do what is expected! If your bride is up for some adventure and loves to try new things, go for it! Here are a few ideas to  jump start your creativity and help you come up with an outrageously fantastic bachelorette party.

1.  The Wild West

My sister-in-law took old time photos with her bridesmaids during her bachelorette party and it was the cutest thing ever! Why not make the whole weekend a western theme?

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2. Cooking Classes

How many girls out there have lived off of pasta because it’s all they know how to cook? Sign up for some fun cooking classes, bring some wine, and have a great time learning how to make amazing food!

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3. Girl’s Weekend

No, I’m not talking about some wild bar-filled girls weekend. Is your bride more into quality time than dancing? Go shopping together or get pedicures then host an outdoor dinner party with her closest friends. Make it a meaningful weekend that is filled with lots of fun and time with her bridesmaids!

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4. Glamping

This is my new favorite idea. (Madeline, when you get married get ready for this) Go camping with your girls! Set up an adorable camp site, make s’mores, and spend the weekend adventuring. You can always camp close to town so you could still go out for dinner and drinks!

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Did you have a super creative bachelorette? Let us know! Remember that at the end of the day a bachelorette party isn’t about how many shots someone does or even their last “fling before the ring.” It is a time to celebrate the friendship you have with your bridesmaids and friends. Make it what YOU want, not what everyone else says you should have.

Stay merry, friends!



coffee bridal shower

I love coffee. LOVE it. I start my mornings with it and usually Hubs brings me a nice little iced coffee in the afternoon. For birthdays, family and friends pretty much only get me Starbucks gift cards and cute mugs. My first ever cup of coffee was from the original Starbucks in Seattle- this has nothing to do with this post, I just like that story. Anyways, back to my love of coffee and bridal showers. Bridal showers should be about the bride, they should reflect a little bit of her personality and what she likes. For me and some of my espresso loving friends out there, what could be better than a coffee themed shower? Not much. Except maybe a cup of coffee. I searched and searched for inspiration and have created what I think is an amazing coffee bridal shower. Forget tea sandwiches, I want donuts, a cereal bar, and lots of lattes. Instead of playing games or opening gifts in front of everyone, I want my guests to create fun mugs for me and my future hubby. How fun would it be to open your cabinet every morning and be met with a collection of colorful, silly, and meaningful mugs that your closest friends made for you? (Note to self, get friends to make me mugs ASAP) My FAVORITE part of this shower is the “let’s do coffee” cards. The card is a printable from Eat Drink Chic  will allow you to set up a coffee date with each of your guests! Let’s face it, wedding planning is crazy. It takes up your time and attention and generally makes you a bad friend. This is the perfect way to 1) take a break from addressing invitations and obsessing over the menu 2) get a great cup of coffee and 3) spend some quality time with your friends who are going to be there long after your wedding is over. Ok, let’s get to the pictures already!

The Burger Parlor

Alright, these pictures are making me want some donuts, pink decorations, and time with my friends. Someone get engaged today so I can start planning you the perfect shower. Or just come over and lets spend the afternoon making mugs and eating breakfast food. It’s a win-win either way.

enjoy the espresso!