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alternative christmas trees

okay. some of you might think i’m one of “those people” that cranks up my christmas music early (nope. can’t stand it for too long), starts posting pictures of my red starbucks holiday cups (well, i’m not necessarily above it), or starts posting christmas countdowns in august (listen, i barely know what year it is), but in reality, while I LOVE christmas and all it stands for and brings– i am not one who SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT TO PUT UP ALL MANNER OF CHRISTMAS DECOR. Go ahead and call me scrooge but something about storing lots of stuff and putting up knick knacks of every shape and size; whether it be snowmen, santa or snowglobes, just doesn’t get me jazzed about the christmas season. instead, i’d rather have a few season-y pieces that still get me in the holiday mood but doesn’t require lots of storage and time. Also, while we’re at it, let’s discuss something else…. the EXORBITANT PRICES OF FAKE CHRISTMAS TREES. first of all, no. and second of all, don’t talk to me about how they last for years and all that because come january 1st, when i have to pack that sucker up for days, i’m gona be mad it wasn’t a real one that i could just toss and sweep up the needles of.

so now that i have thoroughly convinced you that i am a sour scrooge, let me say this: decorating the christmas tree used to be one of my favorite pastimes. me and my three siblings all had about 200 christmas ornaments we had made over the years in various vbs-es and school projects. we all got to put all of ours up there and my mom didn’t worry too much about having a perfect tree because our handmade ornament is what made it special and meaningful. (also, real quick: saw a cheetah print themed tree and.. not okay, people) But, getting all the ornaments out and the tree put together when we only have a few days together around christmas has become a chore. and the trillions of store-bought ornaments starts to seem like money wasted and space taken up. I think recently i have tired of stuff and material items and the excess and so while i hope one day i get to have meaningful tree time with my own family, i’d much rather go easy on spending money and focus more on what the season is really about — family and friends and the grace that was born that day.

so, naturally, when i started seeing alternative christmas tree ideas, i thought “these are genius”. circle claps for the clever people that wanted to celebrate with a tree but didn’t necessarily have the funds, space, time, etc. to go traditional. i already have a fake baby tree (thus nullifying all my previous arguments) but i’m already dreaming of other ways to incorporate a tree without the real thing. let me know what you think!


which one is your favorite? any other ideas, you better send ’em this way!

the digs

after a two-week hiatus, i am back and ready to share my digs with you! I recently moved into a duplex (ish) by myself after living with 11 different girls in 5 years. while having roommates was awesome and i got to live with some of my best friends, i was REAL ready to live by myself. to have my own space, to decorate however i wanted, and to have a place that really felt like me. enter apartment number three; filled with natural light, short on space and easy on the eyes. a new build with character is hard to find and i feel like they kinda nailed it. get ready for picture overload + enjoy!

(and note: yes, i do really enjoy books + america. if only you could see my shoe collection…)


























WHEW. if you survived– congratulations. For being such a small place, i managed to get ample pictures, huh? Here’s some Q + A for you lovelies.

what first drew you to the place?

honestly, natural light was on my list of “musts”. with a small budget and limited options in the rolling metropolis of bryan + college station, texas, searching for a one-bedroom place with the things i wanted was really hard. it was discouraging because i wanted a space to relax and that i felt happy every day waking up in. this place is that for me. ideally, i wanted an older place that had lots of character but this was a good balance. i feel really lucky.

what is at the top of your home to-do list?

i just recently got my green chair (thrifting. ethan allen, wutup) so finally actually feel like i can have friends over to hang. but i really want/need a rug + possibly coffee table and FOR THE LOVE OF PETE- kitchen chairs. i don’t have space for an actual table but there is bar space where i can put two chairs. i’ve been searching for the perfect ones to do a lil paint project on. eating on sofa chairs is getting old fast. most of the other areas i’m content with for now but those three things are a work in progress!

what’s your style?

I used to stress myself out about matching everything and having a certain “style” but mixing and matching is my favorite and makes me feel most at home. I hated the feeling of having a color scheme i felt limited in so i kind of threw out the formalities and decided to just do what i like. i highly recommend it.

ALSO THIS QUOTE IS TRUE: “Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

(aka tell that hoard BYE. you don’t need every tshirt you own from 1999, promise.)

where do you shop most for home decor?

jenna is my name and thrifting is my game. partly cause i’m cheap, partly cause i love the hunt, partly cause i don’t have tons of dough to be spending on brand new stuff anyways, but it has served me well so far. i’d say about 90% of my decor and furniture is thrifted and its fun having stuff that you can’t just find anywhere else. sometimes this makes things more frustrating when trying to find certain things (ie: rugs, kitchen chairs, coffee table, ANYTHING PARTICULAR REALLY), but i prefer it.

alright your turn, what are you most looking forward to doing or updating in your home?