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Thursday Trend: Thankfulness

Hi friends!

Colder weather has arrive with November. I finally get to break out the fall boots, best day ever! Thanksgiving is coming up- it’s one of my absolute favorite holidays. How beautiful is it that we get to take a day alongside family and friends just to be grateful. While every day should be filled with gratitude, I love the idea of throwing a big party for those we love to hear what they are thankful for. So let’s look at some Thanksgiving party trends. I am seeing a lot of non-traditional outdoor parties, which you should know we are a fan of here at Merry!

Instead of going with the cornucopia in the center of the table, try some bright flowers! I love the added pops of color in these tables. Fall colors are gorgeous- the golds, burgundies, bright reds. But it’s okay to mix in some cool colors or bright creams in to lighten the mood! Throw in some fuchsia or even some bold blue like the bottom picture! I also adore the long tables with wooden benches. It adds a rustic charm to the table, throw on a burlap table runner but add in some unexpected decorations. Pumpkins covered in gold glitter! Place cards that you can fill in with a thankful list! Or maybe even some apples for pops of color! Get creative. Just because Thanksgiving is an old holiday doesn’t mean it can’t be spiced up in new ways! Here are some pictures to get you started. Enjoy the season of thankfulness.





Love and Sunshine! Thanks for reading, friends.


fall has fallen

okay so here in Texas, we don’t have seasons necessarily (this pin about sums it up: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/245305510924134033/) BUT we can still dream about fall decor and what ways we can incorporate fall-ish inspiration into our lives. THIS picture seriously makes me dream. The organic feel of using food as adornment is genius.

The color scheme is the other element of this image that jumps off the page. here’s the thing. i like fall, but i don’t always love the drab, dark, disposition of it. Some days I do. The simplicity and boldness of the colors is often beautiful and reminds me of the shifting seasons (or the idea of it at least). so, the balance in this picture of the colors in the corn and the blue, is just the combination that makes me long for real seasons and a cup of coffee snuggled up.



What’s your favorite thing about fall?


diy prettyin’ up packages

This may be the easiest DIY post you ever see. When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I was almost offended at my own ignorance. OF COURSE I should buy some washi tape and OF COURSE I should decorate brown paper packages (tied up with string? anyone? Sound of Music? Carry on) with it. And then, THE DOTS. Someone out there is a genius and I want to say thank you on behalf of all us crafters who are dying for a way to avoid real wrapping paper, use our creativity, and look original all at the same time.

Here is what you need:

– plain brown craft packing paper — just made that term up. All I know is it’s in the packing section of Target and/or Wal-Mart. You will find it, I believe in you.

– some cutting device. I recommend scissors.

– washi tape, dots, some other item you can stick on that paper

– tape

All you’re going to need to do is; buy your friend a present (I count as your friend, right?). Wrap that sucker up in your craft paper. Tape it up nice and tight. Then do some sort of design with your decorative item. Voila! Easiest DIY done. Now ship that package, sisters, and nod and grin when the post office worker silently applauds your creativity.

PS. with a lack of sleep that is astronomical in my terms. ie: not 8 hours every night, I may have rambled a bit. I may have even had some lame jokes. This is due to that lack of sleep. Forgive me. And if it seems to happen every time I post? Well I have no answer for you.


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