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piles of pie

It’s Thanksgiving week. I could not be more excited! I am also a little bit nervous because I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner all on my own this year. This morning, I got all of my groceries and I had to call my mom multiple times to ask questions like, “Will this feed all of us?” “Where is corn syrup?” and “I can do this right???”

In our house, pie is the star of Thanksgiving. Hubs LOVES pie. He has been picking out the pie I will make for weeks. Y’all, I’m not kidding. He has stalked Pinterest, Food Network, and so many other websites looking for the perfect pie. Fruit, chocolate, pecan, pumpkin, he doesn’t care. If it has a flaky crust and a sweet filling, he loves it. This year, I am definitely looking forward to the pie. We moved into a new house last week, we both start new jobs this week, and I am working on launching a business. As you can guess, my stress levels have been a little high so I am looking forward to calming myself down with a few slices of sugary goodness.

To celebrate Thanksgiving and it’s special dessert, here are some of my favorite pie recipes. Enjoy!


bacon bourbon pecan pie


chocolate espresso pecan pie


classic pumpkin pie


coconut chocolate cream pie


spiced plum pie


cider caramel apple pie


apple ginger cranberry pie


maple heaven pear pie

Are you drooling? Hub’s ultimately landed on the Chocolate Espresso Pecan Pie so that is what I will be making this week. Let us know your favorite pie recipes and what you will be cooking in your kitchen!

Hope your day is filled with thankfulness and all things merry!


party pops.

my friends! It has been too long. yesterday my life was changed. why might you ask?

my boss made me oreo pops for my last day of my internship. it made me realize that i always try to go overboard with desserts at a party. i make things that need to be cut, sliced, divvied up. Things get messy. These Oreo pops are the best party favor and snack to have- bright, colorful, and sugary! what more do you need in a rockin’ dessert that looks like it took effort but is the easiest thing to make?


Best thing about them? Oreos come in all flavors, as do dipping sauces and sprinkles! Get creative, get to mixing and matching! Make sure to comment with pictures to Merry once you make them. Can’t wait to see your culinary creations. I know I’m addicted for sure!

Love and sunshine, friends. Have a beautiful Friday!