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piles of pie

It’s Thanksgiving week. I could not be more excited! I am also a little bit nervous because I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner all on my own this year. This morning, I got all of my groceries and I had to call my mom multiple times to ask questions like, “Will this feed all of us?” “Where is corn syrup?” and “I can do this right???”

In our house, pie is the star of Thanksgiving. Hubs LOVES pie. He has been picking out the pie I will make for weeks. Y’all, I’m not kidding. He has stalked Pinterest, Food Network, and so many other websites looking for the perfect pie. Fruit, chocolate, pecan, pumpkin, he doesn’t care. If it has a flaky crust and a sweet filling, he loves it. This year, I am definitely looking forward to the pie. We moved into a new house last week, we both start new jobs this week, and I am working on launching a business. As you can guess, my stress levels have been a little high so I am looking forward to calming myself down with a few slices of sugary goodness.

To celebrate Thanksgiving and it’s special dessert, here are some of my favorite pie recipes. Enjoy!


bacon bourbon pecan pie


chocolate espresso pecan pie


classic pumpkin pie


coconut chocolate cream pie


spiced plum pie


cider caramel apple pie


apple ginger cranberry pie


maple heaven pear pie

Are you drooling? Hub’s ultimately landed on the Chocolate Espresso Pecan Pie so that is what I will be making this week. Let us know your favorite pie recipes and what you will be cooking in your kitchen!

Hope your day is filled with thankfulness and all things merry!


Thursday Trend: Thankfulness

Hi friends!

Colder weather has arrive with November. I finally get to break out the fall boots, best day ever! Thanksgiving is coming up- it’s one of my absolute favorite holidays. How beautiful is it that we get to take a day alongside family and friends just to be grateful. While every day should be filled with gratitude, I love the idea of throwing a big party for those we love to hear what they are thankful for. So let’s look at some Thanksgiving party trends. I am seeing a lot of non-traditional outdoor parties, which you should know we are a fan of here at Merry!

Instead of going with the cornucopia in the center of the table, try some bright flowers! I love the added pops of color in these tables. Fall colors are gorgeous- the golds, burgundies, bright reds. But it’s okay to mix in some cool colors or bright creams in to lighten the mood! Throw in some fuchsia or even some bold blue like the bottom picture! I also adore the long tables with wooden benches. It adds a rustic charm to the table, throw on a burlap table runner but add in some unexpected decorations. Pumpkins covered in gold glitter! Place cards that you can fill in with a thankful list! Or maybe even some apples for pops of color! Get creative. Just because Thanksgiving is an old holiday doesn’t mean it can’t be spiced up in new ways! Here are some pictures to get you started. Enjoy the season of thankfulness.





Love and Sunshine! Thanks for reading, friends.

garden party wedding

Lately, I have become obsessed with garden parties. I can just imagine people casually mingling in a beautiful garden while they are surrounded with ice tea, lush flowers, soft music, and a light spring breeze.  I would wear a ladylike dress, sit at a gorgeous outdoor table, and watch the newly married couple celebrate their love. A great looking guy would twirl me around the dance floor and I would feel sophisticated, fancy, and free all at the same time. SIGN ME UP.

Seriously, garden parties are like a tiny piece of an old romantic movie. There is something about them that makes you feel like you are Audrey Hepburn and your hubs is Gregory Peck. (If you haven’t seen Roman Holiday think more like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. Not when they are old, when he is lifting her up in the air saying “I’m a bird.” And please go rent Roman Holiday right now) How dreamy! I can not think of a more charming and enchanting wedding than a garden party. Soft colors, natural florals, starlight, tons of greenery, my heart is swooning just thinking about it. I could type all day about how romantic and wonderful a garden party wedding would be but I will let the pictures speak for themselves. . . .


(yellow dress-BHLDN, bridal party- Ruffled, shoes- Wedding Chicks, neutral dress- Polyvore)gardenreception(table one- Ashlee Raubach Photography, Twig and Twine, table two- Stewart Leishman PhotographyFleur)gardenflorals(centerpiece-Martha Stewart Weddings , chairs-Style Me Pretty, alter-Martha Stewart Weddings)gardendetails(seed favors-Style Me Pretty, place card-MIllie Holloman Photography, invitation-Style Me Pretty, cake plate-Southern Weddings, candlestick-Martha Stewart Weddings)gardenpersonal(bouquet 1-Angel’s Ink PhotographyBelle of the Ball Designs , bouquet 2- Lovely Little Details, white cake-Style Me Pretty, boutonniere- Southern Weddings, floral cake-It’s All About The Cake)

Can you feel the love? The romance? Can you hear the laughter of guests as they celebrate under the stars? Absolutely perfect. Gorgeous. Classy. Welcoming. It’s everything a wedding should be.

Ok, I am going to go watch Roman Holiday and daydream about being at a garden party.

Stay classy readers.

coffee bridal shower

I love coffee. LOVE it. I start my mornings with it and usually Hubs brings me a nice little iced coffee in the afternoon. For birthdays, family and friends pretty much only get me Starbucks gift cards and cute mugs. My first ever cup of coffee was from the original Starbucks in Seattle- this has nothing to do with this post, I just like that story. Anyways, back to my love of coffee and bridal showers. Bridal showers should be about the bride, they should reflect a little bit of her personality and what she likes. For me and some of my espresso loving friends out there, what could be better than a coffee themed shower? Not much. Except maybe a cup of coffee. I searched and searched for inspiration and have created what I think is an amazing coffee bridal shower. Forget tea sandwiches, I want donuts, a cereal bar, and lots of lattes. Instead of playing games or opening gifts in front of everyone, I want my guests to create fun mugs for me and my future hubby. How fun would it be to open your cabinet every morning and be met with a collection of colorful, silly, and meaningful mugs that your closest friends made for you? (Note to self, get friends to make me mugs ASAP) My FAVORITE part of this shower is the “let’s do coffee” cards. The card is a printable from Eat Drink Chic  will allow you to set up a coffee date with each of your guests! Let’s face it, wedding planning is crazy. It takes up your time and attention and generally makes you a bad friend. This is the perfect way to 1) take a break from addressing invitations and obsessing over the menu 2) get a great cup of coffee and 3) spend some quality time with your friends who are going to be there long after your wedding is over. Ok, let’s get to the pictures already!

The Burger Parlor

Alright, these pictures are making me want some donuts, pink decorations, and time with my friends. Someone get engaged today so I can start planning you the perfect shower. Or just come over and lets spend the afternoon making mugs and eating breakfast food. It’s a win-win either way.

enjoy the espresso!

Black and White Summer Wedding

If I went back and planned my wedding all over again, this is how I would do it. Don’t put too much stock in that because I tend to say that every time I see a gorgeous wedding or come up with a good idea. However, I think I really mean it this time. There is something so fun about graphic black and white stripes with tons of bold color, I can’t get enough of it. Usually when people think of weddings they think of soft, romantic, and pretty events. This wedding is daring, modern, and seriously awesome. It is effortlessly cool, the type of cool we all try to achieve. You know the cool I am talking about – trying to make your hair look like “messy gorgeous just rolled out of bed waves” or clothes that look like “oh this? I just happen to pull it on. No I didn’t spend hours at a thrift store finding the perfect vintage but hip outfit” Forget all the extreme effort, the stripes and pops of color will speak for themselves. I’m thinking an outside wedding, delicious food, great signature drinks, and a dance party under the stars that goes on for hours. Who couldn’t love a wedding like that?

Seriously, Hubs if you are reading this, want to throw another wedding?


(Junebug Weddings photo by Mark Brooke Photographers)bwfashion(Flowers- Twig&Twine, Dress- j.crew ,Groomsmen- Ruffled)bwdetails(Invite- Brooklyn Bride Candy Favors- Martha Stewart Weddings, Cake- Eric Lanlard, Centerpiece- 100 Layer Cake, Table- Occasions)

Ah, I love it. If you throw a wedding like this, send me pictures. I promise to swoon all over them for hours. 

So for all you modern girls out there who are looking for something a little more bold and daring than a traditional summer wedding, this one is for you.

You rock.

hello world,

It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to Merry!

Have you ever had a dream so big it kind of scared you? Well, that is Merry for us. We have been dreaming, anticipating, and working on this blog for a long time. I can not tell you how excited we are that it is finally a reality! Merry is a group of girlfriends who love all things bold, fun, and girly. We are self-proclaimed messes who are pursuing creative careers. What we lack in years or experience we make up for with passion, hard work, and a lot of coffee. A LOT of coffee. Hopefully, you are able to enjoy a cup of coffee as you read this.

Get ready for a whole lot of fun coming over the next few weeks as we launch. There will be projects, wedding inspiration, party ideas, advice, humor, and probably some mistakes. That’s ok though because mistakes are one of the best parts of the creative process! We are glad you are going through this process with us.

Throughout the week, starting tomorrow, we will be adding lots of posts. Make sure you check back regularly. Until then, you can like us on FACEBOOK, follow us on PINTEREST, or read more about us HERE and HERE.

We are seriously pumped you are here. The first time someone comments, follows us, or likes us, we will probably call each other, squeal, and jump up and down in very public places. Don’t worry, the embarrassment of of acting like a crazy person in Target will totally be worth it.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. See you tomorrow!

love,                                                                                                                                                                The Merry Team