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fashion finds part two

A few weeks ago I (Meredith) posted some fashion finds that I was loving. Well, I am back with an update of what I actually bought. Keep in mind that I had a tiny budget so I wasn’t able to get everything off my list but I did manage to get some similar jeans, a crew neck sweater, a sleeveless top, and a cardigan. Somehow, I have managed not to own a cardigan for the past few years. I am not sure how I have gotten through so I had to use a little of my budget to remedy this problem. Seriously, best decision ever. I got it about two weeks ago and have worn it almost every day. Hubs is starting to ask me, “Are you sure that is what you want to wear today?” I think he is getting a little concerned that I am going to replace my entire wardrobe with cardigans. Don’t worry, I’m not that addicted!

Here is what I bought-

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One thing I have learned from my shopping this month is that I am HORRIBLE at buying accessories. I can never seem to find shoes or jewelry that I 1) love or 2) think will go with things I already own or 3) think I can pull off. Next time I have a little extra room in the budget for clothes those are the things I will focus on. Any suggestions for inexpensive places to get cute shoes, jewelry, or clothes? Let us know! We are in need to some style help and would welcome any advice you have. By we I mean me, Jenna and Madeline both have style in spades.

Help a girl out and let me know where you get your best fashion finds!

Enjoy this gorgeous fall day & stay merry!



fashion finds

Ok y’all, let’s talk fashion. Lately I have been realizing that it is hard to have a personal sense of style. I have friends who do this really well. Every time they step out of their home they look adorable, stylish, and 100 percent themselves. You know the girls I am talking about, they have a defined style that reflects their personality and they never look like they are trying too hard. Well, I want to be one of those girls. ¬†Fashion is something I have historically struggle with. Maybe it is the result of going to a private school where my uniform was chosen for me. No matter what the cause, my closet is sparse and doesn’t really reflect the woman I am or the woman I want to be. It’s pretty much all t-shirts, a few Forever 21 tops, and a whole lot of scarves. My basic fashion philosophy for the past five years has been, “If you add a cute scarf to an outfit you will automatically look more stylish.” Like I told you, I am in need of some fashion help.

However, I have decided it is time for a change. I want to have cute clothes, a personal sense of style, and feel good about the outfits I put together. When I wear a great outfit I feel more confident, creative, productive, and bold. Who doesn’t want to feel like that on the daily? This month I have set aside a little bit of money in my budget to try to help myself out. By a little bit of money, I really mean a little bit of money.¬†As a fresh out of college newly-wed, my budget is TIGHT so I need to be able to look good for as few pennies as possible. Here are the pieces I have found that have given me some inspiration and some hope that I can still become a fashionable person. All of these items are budget friendly or are on sale for a budget friendly price (minus the Kate Spade watch, a girl can dream right?) In a few weeks I will update y’all on what I actually bought, hopefully I will do you proud. Now, let’s get to shopping!


Did you see that scarf I slipped in there? I couldn’t help myself, old habits die hard. I am not sure exactly what my personal style is going to look like yet but I do know ANYTHING will be better than what I am doing now. How about you? Do you struggle with fashion? If you have a defined personal style, how did you find it? We would love to hear from you!

Hope you have a stylish and fun Tuesday!