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I’m pining over…

Current obsession: pineapples. Pining over them (not to be confused with pinNing, although I am doing that, too). Pineapples have never really caught my eye or made me stop in my tracks before. But recently, I cannot get enough! Not the actual fruit either, ESPECIALLY NOT THE CANNED KIND. Just the look of them. Prints of them, glass ones, painted ones, it’s irrelevant. The point is (get it– they’re pointy?), “I like them, I love them, I want some more of them. I try so hard, I can’t rise above it” (<– tim mcgraw anyone?).

Okay, so I’m feeling fiesty¬†today but I really just like them and need everyone to share my love of them! I also just found out that a pineapple¬†signifies “hospitality” and “good nature” which I would also hope are words that describe me. So I am a pineapple, you guys. I’m going to go now before things get too weird but enjoy these beautiful things







What are you currently loving?