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21st birthday party

Have y’all seen those 21st birthday cakes that are covered in mini bottles of alcohol and a “drunk” Barbie? Those things freak me out. Maybe this is old fashioned, but growing up I never hoped and dreamed that my 21st birthday would end with me passed out, legs up in the air, and makeup down my face. I am not sure when that became cool because honestly, it isn’t.

Instead, I pictured my 21st birthday as a fun day of celebration that included champagne, cake, and lots of dancing. Really, all your most important days should include some great dancing. For my actual 21st birthday I spent the day with my family then went out for dinner with my girlfriends the next night where we had wine, ate lots of italian food, and stayed for hours talking, laughing, and just being girly. It was super low-key but wonderful.

Here are my feelings on the big 2-1. Your birthday should not celebrate alcohol. Why? 1) Alcohol is an inanimate object. 2) That makes drinks the focus of your birthday instead of you. Your birthday should be a celebration of who you are. It should reflect what you love. Your birthday should be a party with your closest friends! If there is alcohol there, cool. If not, cool. Who cares? Make it about you! A girl only gets to turn 21 once!

So here is my prescription for a great 21st birthday party- lots of friends, feminine details, sparkles, sprinkles, laughter, and dancing. No drunk Barbies because that is just scary. Make a fun signature drink or make some mocktails. Either way, you will be having the time of your life. Ok, enough already, let’s get to some inspiration!

Anyone want to go back and pretend to be turning twenty-one again? Maybe I can convince one of my friends that we need to throw an over the top, girly, and sparkly party for her birthday. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Party on!


hello world,

It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to Merry!

Have you ever had a dream so big it kind of scared you? Well, that is Merry for us. We have been dreaming, anticipating, and working on this blog for a long time. I can not tell you how excited we are that it is finally a reality! Merry is a group of girlfriends who love all things bold, fun, and girly. We are self-proclaimed messes who are pursuing creative careers. What we lack in years or experience we make up for with passion, hard work, and a lot of coffee. A LOT of coffee. Hopefully, you are able to enjoy a cup of coffee as you read this.

Get ready for a whole lot of fun coming over the next few weeks as we launch. There will be projects, wedding inspiration, party ideas, advice, humor, and probably some mistakes. That’s ok though because mistakes are one of the best parts of the creative process! We are glad you are going through this process with us.

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We are seriously pumped you are here. The first time someone comments, follows us, or likes us, we will probably call each other, squeal, and jump up and down in very public places. Don’t worry, the embarrassment of of acting like a crazy person in Target will totally be worth it.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. See you tomorrow!

love,                                                                                                                                                                The Merry Team