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party pops.

my friends! It has been too long. yesterday my life was changed. why might you ask?

my boss made me oreo pops for my last day of my internship. it made me realize that i always try to go overboard with desserts at a party. i make things that need to be cut, sliced, divvied up. Things get messy. These Oreo pops are the best party favor and snack to have- bright, colorful, and sugary! what more do you need in a rockin’ dessert that looks like it took effort but is the easiest thing to make?


Best thing about them? Oreos come in all flavors, as do dipping sauces and sprinkles! Get creative, get to mixing and matching! Make sure to comment with pictures to Merry once you make them. Can’t wait to see your culinary creations. I know I’m addicted for sure!

Love and sunshine, friends. Have a beautiful Friday!