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Thursday Trends

Hi friends! I am so excited to be bringing you this Thursday’s trends! I am obsessed. This has been around forever and the fact that everyone is getting back to them makes me so excited. Here it is folk…..can I get a drumroll…..


Oh my word, on girls or guys oxfords are to die for! They are classic and sharp and get my fashion heart so happy. So many designers are coming out with Oxfords in all sorts of patters: polka dots and lace, stripes and colors, cats and flowers! They can go from casual to fancy, and are the perfect shoe for any type of party. Hop on this trend, I have the feeling that it won’t go out of style any time soon. I’m in love. I hope you are too!


I can’t wait to go get a pair in every color, style, and pattern. What- a girl can dream, right? Send us pictures of you in your favorite Oxfords! Hope they make your Thursday as much as they make mine.

Love and Sunshine!


the art of gift giving

hi friends!

yesterday was one of my favorite days. it was my 21st birthday and was spent beautifully with friends and family making sure the day was special. i am such a fan of other people’s birthdays, but when it comes to mine I tend to get uncomfortable. I am awful at accepting gifts, but this year my loved ones made it easy. Big gifts overwhelm me. However, if the gifts represent our friendships and are more thoughtful than expensive- they melt my heart. this year it seemed everyone was bent on spoiling me with personalized gifts that completely wowed me. it got me thinking about what makes a gift amazing- it’s not the money spent, but the thought behind it. not the packaging, but the time put into making it personal. Here are just a few of the lovely gifts that brightened my day and showed me how sweet friendships can be. (p.s. sorry for some of the iPhone pictures. I just had to share.)

atx 001
atx 001_1

These  precious moments of my day made it one of the best. A bracelet from my parents of an arrow- my photography logo that’s so dear to me. ! homemade card complete with pictures and an Icee cup (we have an Icee addiction) from my summer roommate. ! painting from one of my very best friends that are “sunshine colors because I love sunshine.” A friend got me a life-size Superman cutout because I drew him a Superman for his locker our senior year of highschool that he still has. A surprise party with my YoungLife team. Not to mention the homemade gourmet cupcakes or the Starbucks runs or Austin trip the night before. There were countless other moments that made that day so special, but seeing the thought and the generosity behind the gifts I was given- I have never felt so loved. There is truly an art to gift giving. I hope the next time you have a loved one with a birthday you take the time to personalize their gift and make it unique to y’alls friendship. Let these inspire you!

Love and sunshine.

on why simplicity is often best.

whether it’s a token white t-shirt, classic chocolate cake, or a single flower in a vase; sometimes it’s the simple things that can speak the loudest.

when planning a party, an outfit, a vacation, or even, heck, your life. I think often we get lost in the hundreds of thousands of options. Lots of great options. Lots of unique and fun and crazy and loud options. This gives endless choices that can often lead to being overwhelmed (Side note, name this movie: “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” please say you’ve seen this).

Sometimes the answer to your problem is not MORE solutions but less. I think in the world of Pinterest, Sam’s club, and excess, it’s easy to feel like more is more. I think as a creative, it is often making the most of out the least. And when done right, simple details can speak volumes about a person, an event; it can tell a story that might have been lost in the clutter of all the surplus. So I’m not saying you have to only buy one snack– in fact your guests might resent you for that. But before you go all crazy adding toothpick DIY sparkly rainbow poof hearts (or something like that) to your party, think about what is truly meaningful and what you want to express in that particular arena of your life and then execute it a simple way that still feels “you”. I’ve been finding that living minimally (comparatively speaking of course) has challenged me to use what I have, where I am and make it represent who I am and what I want to tell the world.

Here’s some inspiration in simple images that I found compelling:




(photos via: Good Grief, Miss Agnes!, unknown, Occasions Online, and Design Sponge)


And maybe your math teacher was right (and it pains me to say it but), just KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.

backyard bash

hi friends! It’s August. When in the world did that happen? While we still have some summer nights left, let’s make the most of them. I want to spend the next month getting to know others, staying up late laughing, and enjoying the gorgeous nights. So, in light of this, my newest and biggest wish is to have a summer block party! Seriously- how fun would that be to invite the neighbors, grill some hotdogs, throw up some lights, and make new friends?

ImageA block party can go from simple to elaborate. Here are a few easy ways to make it decorative and festive, but still a low-key event. LIGHTS, LIGHTS, LIGHTS. You know how moths are attracted to those really bright lamps? I’m convinced people are the same way. String up some twinkle lights to add some good vibes. Put on rockin’ jams: my vote- One Republic’s new CD. It’s on repeat on my spotify right now. Or if you’re going for a country feel you can NEVER EVER go wrong with Mr. Luke Bryan. Make it welcoming, keep it casual, and make sure to leave some time for dancing! For other decorations-how great are these?

ImageNothing says Summer Fun more than colorful streamers and a tub full of sodas, beers, and some good ol’ h2o. I was in love with these the second I saw them. Keep it easy with food- grill up some hot dogs and have the neighbors bring sides and desserts. The only thing left to do is pick a night and invite the ‘hood with some flyers! I am completely inspired to throw one of these bashes in the next month. I’ll keep y’all updated with pictures of the results. Celebrate life and celebrate summer with an inspired and simple backyard bash!


Love and sunshine.

bold bohemian

Yesterday we talked about pastels and how they can be just as beautiful as bright colors. And it’s true. But today is another day. We are entering the world of the bohemian– perhaps the most overdone theme in this era. BUT it’s because it works. It’s eye-catching and bold but also free; ethereal. Whether it’s the ethnic feel of the decor or the flower headpiece; everyone seems to be drawn to what a bohemian look brings to the table.

Here are some pictures to get you drooling and brainstorming about how you can add some boho-chic to your life. I’m dying to have a bohemian themed photo shoot or event. Or a house or life. Also I’m listening to Bohemian Rhapsody right now. Too much? I concur. Just look at the pictures and let me groove in peace.


(photos: via the glamourai, via unknown, via unknown, via unknown, and via there’s a cool wind blowing)

Also can we notice how girl top right somehow made hiking boots look boho? Whatever.

Going to put on my headpiece now and be free.

girl’s night out baby shower

Let’s talk about babies. Babies are cute, smell nice (most of the time), have soft skin, and rock pastels better than anyone. Baby showers traditionally embrace all of the things we love about new borns- showers are cute, pastel, and super sweet. I love an adorable baby shower or gender reveal party just as much as the next girl. However, I also love the idea of celebrating a new mom and the things she loves to do sans-baby. Some of my girlfriends love karaoke  getting their nails done, or going out dancing. Those are thing that become a lot harder to do once you have a kid. That is why I have created this glam girls night out baby shower idea that really has nothing to do with babies but everything to do with being a young and fun woman. You could throw this for a friend before she has her baby as a last hurrah or even a few months after she has a baby to give her a night off with her friends. Either way there will be lots of dancing, laughter, and fun!

baby details

invitation- cheree berry paper  cocktail- sugar and cloth


Floral photo booth backdrop- AnnKay Design

Wouldn’t this be such a fun shower? The invitation is a little girl’s birthday invite but if you change the wording it would be perfect! And how amazing would those paper flowers be for a photo booth backdrop? We have seen some DIY instructions for similar ones here. Throw in a nail bar and a karaoke machine and it would be a super glamourous and fantastic party!

Keep throwing those adorable baby showers and gender reveal parties! They are sweet, meaningful, and help new parents get a ton of diapers. However, if you have a friend who has had six baby showers and need a little girl time this may be the way to go. Or if you have a friend who recently had a baby and needs to be reminded that she is still young, hot, and fun then a girls night out may be just what the doctor ordered!

Celebrate the new baby that is joining your world, celebrate your girlfriends, and just plain celebrate! We will be celebrating right along side you.

As always, send us pics if you throw an incredible shower!

Stay Merry.

Black and White Summer Wedding

If I went back and planned my wedding all over again, this is how I would do it. Don’t put too much stock in that because I tend to say that every time I see a gorgeous wedding or come up with a good idea. However, I think I really mean it this time. There is something so fun about graphic black and white stripes with tons of bold color, I can’t get enough of it. Usually when people think of weddings they think of soft, romantic, and pretty events. This wedding is daring, modern, and seriously awesome. It is effortlessly cool, the type of cool we all try to achieve. You know the cool I am talking about – trying to make your hair look like “messy gorgeous just rolled out of bed waves” or clothes that look like “oh this? I just happen to pull it on. No I didn’t spend hours at a thrift store finding the perfect vintage but hip outfit” Forget all the extreme effort, the stripes and pops of color will speak for themselves. I’m thinking an outside wedding, delicious food, great signature drinks, and a dance party under the stars that goes on for hours. Who couldn’t love a wedding like that?

Seriously, Hubs if you are reading this, want to throw another wedding?


(Junebug Weddings photo by Mark Brooke Photographers)bwfashion(Flowers- Twig&Twine, Dress- j.crew ,Groomsmen- Ruffled)bwdetails(Invite- Brooklyn Bride Candy Favors- Martha Stewart Weddings, Cake- Eric Lanlard, Centerpiece- 100 Layer Cake, Table- Occasions)

Ah, I love it. If you throw a wedding like this, send me pictures. I promise to swoon all over them for hours. 

So for all you modern girls out there who are looking for something a little more bold and daring than a traditional summer wedding, this one is for you.

You rock.