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girl’s guide to Pinterest pt 2

It’s Thursday, Thursday, gotta get down on Thursday! Yep, that was to the tune of Rebecca Black’s Friday. No, I am not ashamed that I still sometimes sing that song on Friday mornings when I get up. Ok, maybe just a little. . .

Since it’s Thursday, it is time for Part II of our Pinterest series. If you missed LAST WEEK‘s post, we covered not pinning wedding things if you weren’t engaged and figuring out the things both you and your fiance like. Today I have the next two steps that will hopefully help you use Pinterest to create a super unique and original wedding! Here they are-

pinterest series 2

3. Use magazines and blogs for inspiration. Pinterest is generally NOT a source of inspiration. When you go to the wedding section on Pinterest it does not have pins grouped by concept or theme. The wedding section is a collection of random ideas, pictures, projects, and lists that help turn inspiration into actual parties. If you are searching for some inspiration for your wedding then magazines and blogs are seriously the best place to look. They will have real life weddings, complete inspiration boards, and cohesive ideas. Plus, how often does a girl get an excuse to look a piles of wedding magazines without looking like a crazy person? I will give you a hint, it is only when she is engaged! It is your duty to your fellow girlfriends to scour as many magazines as you can for those of us who can’t. Sources like Southern Weddings andStyle Me Pretty are great places to start. Browsing through galleries of real weddings is the easiest way to determine if your style is rustic, modern, natural, eclectic, and so on. These types of blogs and magazines will help you discover color schemes you like. They will help you decide between an outdoor and indoor wedding, give you ideas about how to tie all of your details together, and most often offer advice from brides who recently planned their own weddings. From here, you should be able to pick a concept to center your wedding on. Whatever you concept is, memorize it, put it in your heart, lock it up and throw away the key. Don’t sway from it because we are about to enter the crazy world of Pinterest!

4. Be strong- go in with a style and mission. This is where you have to stay true to your concept. Pinterest is a great place to fill in the blanks in your vision for your wedding. Let’s say you decided on a rustic, country themed wedding. You have your color scheme, location, dress, and table decor picked but you want a few ideas for place cards, favors, and extra fun details.  Here is where Pinterest becomes an amazing resource! You have the ability to search “rustic wedding” and find boards that others have created that are completely filled with rustic ideas. You can also go to a Pinterest account that belongs to a blog or magazine, they will usually have boards dedicated to different color schemes or themes. There are some fantastic ideas out there that can help you create an even more cohesive, unique, and beautiful wedding. The important thing is going to be to exercise some self-control. Pinterest is like walking into a store where everything is 75% off but you were told you can only buy winter sweaters, nothing else. It can be easy to want to grab everything in sight but staying focused on what you really need will help you plan a better wedding. You don’t want to be the girl who has an adorable wedding with a few random details that don’t fit just because you saw them on Pinterest and thought they were cute. Believe in your own style and stick to your inspiration! If you do that, Pinterest will be an incredible resource for your wedding.

Ok, that is all for today! Next week we will wrap up with a few final thoughts on using Pinterest for wedding planning. In the mean time, go find some inspiration! Sit in Barnes and Nobles and look over all the glossy pages in bridal magazines. Cozy on up in your bed and check out all the beautiful pictures on wedding blogs. Seriously, isn’t that the best homework you have ever received?

If you have tips for finding the man of your dreams, send them in. Jenna and Madeline are seriously starting to doubt if I have the ability to write on this subject.

Anyways, go look at magazines and blogs and find the styles that you love. Remember you can follow us on Pinterest! See you next week!

Stay merry


garden party wedding

Lately, I have become obsessed with garden parties. I can just imagine people casually mingling in a beautiful garden while they are surrounded with ice tea, lush flowers, soft music, and a light spring breeze.  I would wear a ladylike dress, sit at a gorgeous outdoor table, and watch the newly married couple celebrate their love. A great looking guy would twirl me around the dance floor and I would feel sophisticated, fancy, and free all at the same time. SIGN ME UP.

Seriously, garden parties are like a tiny piece of an old romantic movie. There is something about them that makes you feel like you are Audrey Hepburn and your hubs is Gregory Peck. (If you haven’t seen Roman Holiday think more like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. Not when they are old, when he is lifting her up in the air saying “I’m a bird.” And please go rent Roman Holiday right now) How dreamy! I can not think of a more charming and enchanting wedding than a garden party. Soft colors, natural florals, starlight, tons of greenery, my heart is swooning just thinking about it. I could type all day about how romantic and wonderful a garden party wedding would be but I will let the pictures speak for themselves. . . .


(yellow dress-BHLDN, bridal party- Ruffled, shoes- Wedding Chicks, neutral dress- Polyvore)gardenreception(table one- Ashlee Raubach Photography, Twig and Twine, table two- Stewart Leishman PhotographyFleur)gardenflorals(centerpiece-Martha Stewart Weddings , chairs-Style Me Pretty, alter-Martha Stewart Weddings)gardendetails(seed favors-Style Me Pretty, place card-MIllie Holloman Photography, invitation-Style Me Pretty, cake plate-Southern Weddings, candlestick-Martha Stewart Weddings)gardenpersonal(bouquet 1-Angel’s Ink PhotographyBelle of the Ball Designs , bouquet 2- Lovely Little Details, white cake-Style Me Pretty, boutonniere- Southern Weddings, floral cake-It’s All About The Cake)

Can you feel the love? The romance? Can you hear the laughter of guests as they celebrate under the stars? Absolutely perfect. Gorgeous. Classy. Welcoming. It’s everything a wedding should be.

Ok, I am going to go watch Roman Holiday and daydream about being at a garden party.

Stay classy readers.