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backyard bash

hi friends! It’s August. When in the world did that happen? While we still have some summer nights left, let’s make the most of them. I want to spend the next month getting to know others, staying up late laughing, and enjoying the gorgeous nights. So, in light of this, my newest and biggest wish is to have a summer block party! Seriously- how fun would that be to invite the neighbors, grill some hotdogs, throw up some lights, and make new friends?

ImageA block party can go from simple to elaborate. Here are a few easy ways to make it decorative and festive, but still a low-key event. LIGHTS, LIGHTS, LIGHTS. You know how moths are attracted to those really bright lamps? I’m convinced people are the same way. String up some twinkle lights to add some good vibes. Put on rockin’ jams: my vote- One Republic’s new CD. It’s on repeat on my spotify right now. Or if you’re going for a country feel you can NEVER EVER go wrong with Mr. Luke Bryan. Make it welcoming, keep it casual, and make sure to leave some time for dancing! For other decorations-how great are these?

ImageNothing says Summer Fun more than colorful streamers and a tub full of sodas, beers, and some good ol’ h2o. I was in love with these the second I saw them. Keep it easy with food- grill up some hot dogs and have the neighbors bring sides and desserts. The only thing left to do is pick a night and invite the ‘hood with some flyers! I am completely inspired to throw one of these bashes in the next month. I’ll keep y’all updated with pictures of the results. Celebrate life and celebrate summer with an inspired and simple backyard bash!


Love and sunshine.


delightful denim

Merry merry quite contrary, with what does our denim go? With cotton dresses and baby blues and every pair of imaginable shoes.

So denim vests are one of my FAVORITE trends right now. However, I have tons of friends saying they can’t “pull them off” because they never know what to wear with it, or they don’t have the right style. This trend is so versatile though that absolutely anyone can wear one and look fantastic. I had a blast putting together different outfit combinations to show this. If I can do it, anyone can. So have fun, be yourself, and get to rockin a denim vest you babes!


Love and Sunshine.


Black and White Summer Wedding

If I went back and planned my wedding all over again, this is how I would do it. Don’t put too much stock in that because I tend to say that every time I see a gorgeous wedding or come up with a good idea. However, I think I really mean it this time. There is something so fun about graphic black and white stripes with tons of bold color, I can’t get enough of it. Usually when people think of weddings they think of soft, romantic, and pretty events. This wedding is daring, modern, and seriously awesome. It is effortlessly cool, the type of cool we all try to achieve. You know the cool I am talking about – trying to make your hair look like “messy gorgeous just rolled out of bed waves” or clothes that look like “oh this? I just happen to pull it on. No I didn’t spend hours at a thrift store finding the perfect vintage but hip outfit” Forget all the extreme effort, the stripes and pops of color will speak for themselves. I’m thinking an outside wedding, delicious food, great signature drinks, and a dance party under the stars that goes on for hours. Who couldn’t love a wedding like that?

Seriously, Hubs if you are reading this, want to throw another wedding?


(Junebug Weddings photo by Mark Brooke Photographers)bwfashion(Flowers- Twig&Twine, Dress- j.crew ,Groomsmen- Ruffled)bwdetails(Invite- Brooklyn Bride Candy Favors- Martha Stewart Weddings, Cake- Eric Lanlard, Centerpiece- 100 Layer Cake, Table- Occasions)

Ah, I love it. If you throw a wedding like this, send me pictures. I promise to swoon all over them for hours. 

So for all you modern girls out there who are looking for something a little more bold and daring than a traditional summer wedding, this one is for you.

You rock.