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Thursday Trend: Thankfulness

Hi friends!

Colder weather has arrive with November. I finally get to break out the fall boots, best day ever! Thanksgiving is coming up- it’s one of my absolute favorite holidays. How beautiful is it that we get to take a day alongside family and friends just to be grateful. While every day should be filled with gratitude, I love the idea of throwing a big party for those we love to hear what they are thankful for. So let’s look at some Thanksgiving party trends. I am seeing a lot of non-traditional outdoor parties, which you should know we are a fan of here at Merry!

Instead of going with the cornucopia in the center of the table, try some bright flowers! I love the added pops of color in these tables. Fall colors are gorgeous- the golds, burgundies, bright reds. But it’s okay to mix in some cool colors or bright creams in to lighten the mood! Throw in some fuchsia or even some bold blue like the bottom picture! I also adore the long tables with wooden benches. It adds a rustic charm to the table, throw on a burlap table runner but add in some unexpected decorations. Pumpkins covered in gold glitter! Place cards that you can fill in with a thankful list! Or maybe even some apples for pops of color! Get creative. Just because Thanksgiving is an old holiday doesn’t mean it can’t be spiced up in new ways! Here are some pictures to get you started. Enjoy the season of thankfulness.





Love and Sunshine! Thanks for reading, friends.


thursday trends- compote floral design

Y’all, this is my favorite thing happening in floral design right now. I know I said that about hanging florals and floral crowns but I think I mean it this time. Compotes (a fancy word for a wide mouthed, footed vase) are some of the coolest containers. For some reason, flowers seem to look better in them than in a regular vase. I have no idea why, they just do. I’m just going to go with it. Want to know my favorite thing about compote design? Ok, I will tell you- most of the designs in these gorgeous containers are asymmetrical which I LOVE. Give me a cup of coffee and pictures of asymmetrical floral arrangements and I could be content for hours. Another thing I love about compote designs is that most of them have an airy feel. Compotes make it easy for designers to leave trailing vines and all sorts of other goodies that make these arrangements open and STUNNING.

Ok fine, I will stop gushing about compote designs. I will let you experience all their gorgeous goodness for yourself.

Are you in love yet? Seriously, these would make absolutely perfect centerpieces for a wedding. They would be the type of table decor that would make your guests jaws drop. Let’s be real, you want a wedding that keeps your guests talking months after the event. Compote designs are your ticket.

If you are crazy over compotes let us know. We will be staring at these lustfully all day.

carry on & merry on

a floral fall

hi friends! today is the most gorgeous day- its sunny, a few clouds out in the bright blue sky, and a mere 90 degrees. which for a Texas summer, is beautiful weather! I wish I could share this goodness with you all. I can however, share my excitement that fall is in the air and with that, floral jeans!

This trend has to be one of my favorites. it is so versatile- pair some skinny floral jeans with a crop top, a chambray shirt, a grunge concert tee. It can go any direction- from punk to sweet. You can rock floral pants on a date night, to a work party, or to a night out with the girls. I think that’s why I love it so much. Styles change, but this piece can transform and fit any mood you’re in! So get to playing, get to pairing, and make sure to show us your best outfits!

floral1 floral3 floral2

Love and Sunshine!

thursday trends- coral

There isn’t a color I can think of that is more trendy than coral. (do people say trendy anymore?) These peachy, pink, and orange hues are so popular right now. I can’t blame anyone for loving this color. It adds brightness to any room, vibrancy to floral arrangements, and makes even the palest girl look like she has a bronzy glow. SIGN ME UP. (personal note- shouldn’t I be tan considering it is mid-august? instead I look like it is december and I haven’t seen the sun in months. embarrassing)

Here are some of the most fun uses of coral I have seen lately. Go get your coral on.

Fotor0814114326Fotor0814114547Fotor0814113626 (Drinks, Silverware, Skirt (unknown), Flowers, Invitation, Cake, Crown, Table)

See y’all tomorrow!

peace, love, and coral

thursday trends- floral crowns

Floral crowns are so hot right now. It seems like every styled shoot lately has been featuring floral crowns- and I LOVE IT! They are stunning. I was a part of a styled shoot a few weeks ago where I got to make a floral crown. Since then, I have been dreaming about wearing one every day. Who cares if the only place I needed to go was Central Market? It would definitely make my trip to the grocery store much more fashionable, fun, and adventurous!

I know what you are thinking, “There is no way I could pull a floral crown off!” YES YOU CAN!!This really is a trend that anyone can pull off. You could wear one just for bridal pictures, the ceremony, reception, or your send off. Or, if you are absolutely in love with it you can wear a crown every step of your wedding and maybe even your wedding planning (your vendors may give you some strange looks but they will also be insanely jealous that they don’t have a ring of beautiful flowers around their head). Trust me, you will not regret getting a few gorgeous pictures with a floral crown!

Here are some of my current favorites to offer you a little inspiration. Some are big. Some are small. Some are mainly greenery. There is something for everyone!
floral crown 1floral crown 2

floral crown 3floral crown 4floral crown 5floral crown 6floral crown 7floral crown 8floral crown 9floral crown 10

(1- Style Me Pretty, 2-Ryan Ray, 3-Polka Dot Bride, 4-Style Me Pretty, 5-Chic Vintage Bride, 6-Le Magnifique, 7- Barefoot Blonde, 8- Junebug Weddings, 9- Style Me Pretty, 10-Style Me Pretty)

Put your crown on, feel like a princess, and enjoy.

Oh my goodness, I am swooning. I want to make a floral crown immediately. If you take some pictures with a floral crown please, please, PLEASE, send them to us! We will be impressed, jealous, and oh so incredibly happy that you rocked some flowers in your hair.

Ok, time to put my flower crown on and get back to work.

Stay merry!

thursday trends- hanging florals

Good morning lovely readers! We are going to be starting something new on the blog today called “thursday trends.” Yep, you guessed it- every thursday we are going to be featuring a current trend that we are loving! I am SO excited about this! Now it is just a matter of sticking with it. Hopefully this is not like when I decide to work out and only do it for two weeks. I like to tell Hubs that my fitness plan is two weeks on, two weeks off. We will all ignore the face that right now it is more like six weeks off. . . . However, Thursday trends will be different! They will be committed, consistent, and way more fun than the elliptical.

Now, let’s talk about what is hot in the floral world right now. One thing I have been seeing a lot of lately is hanging florals. This was popular some last year but over the past few weeks I have seen a ton of hanging centerpieces. Y’all, they are GORGEOUS! Hanging florals add a ton of style, impact, and wow-factor to any space. Granted, they will most likely be more expensive than a regular floral centerpiece because of the labor involved but I honesty believe they are worth it. You could have just a few of these around the room and very simple candles on your tables and it would be stunning. Here are some of my favorites I have seen over the past few weeks!

 17550aba4e322de545fe6fc2fda16724 4161511a569b832360618d27889d3c56 c5aad005f024de9e26c2d1a24ccdfece b3c7e6c4503914d396b805fb67aa0e4da02b7879385a3301dabea4c5ab325241 (1- Martha Stewart Weddings, 2- 100 Layer Cake, 3- 100 Layer Cake, 4- Doltone House, 5- Ruffled)

Don’t you just love these? Would it be over the top to have a floral chandelier in my tiny apartment? Your right, of course not! Now I know what I am going to spend my afternoon making. If you want to see even more hanging arrangements check out this post by one of my favorite floral blogs, Botanical Brouhaha.

Let us know what some of your favorite trends are right now! We would love to feature them.

Happy Thursday!

delightful denim

Merry merry quite contrary, with what does our denim go? With cotton dresses and baby blues and every pair of imaginable shoes.

So denim vests are one of my FAVORITE trends right now. However, I have tons of friends saying they can’t “pull them off” because they never know what to wear with it, or they don’t have the right style. This trend is so versatile though that absolutely anyone can wear one and look fantastic. I had a blast putting together different outfit combinations to show this. If I can do it, anyone can. So have fun, be yourself, and get to rockin a denim vest you babes!


Love and Sunshine.