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grapevine bridal session

Y’all it’s Friday. HECK YES. This week has been a little crazy- Hubs and I moved to a new city on Monday and have been spending all of our days unpacking. Next week he starts his new job, I start my new job, and we celebrate Thanksgiving. Our schedules will be packed from now until January so I am thrilled to have a Friday off to relax and recuperate before next week. To celebrate today, we are bringing y’all a lovely bridal session from Grapevine, Tx! The very sweet Sarah Carpenter of Sarah Carpenter Photography and Design sent this to me a few weeks ago. They shot this bridal session in August in the height of the Texas heat- seriously impressive. What is even more impressive is that even with the heat this bride looks STUNNING! Not all of us are that gifted . . .

Anyways, take a break from your busy fall week (I know you have had one) and spend a few thinking about nothing other than weddings, brides, and all things Merry!


Grapevine Bridals- Sarah Carpenter Grapevine Bridals- Sarah Carpenter Grapevine Bridal- Sarah Carpenter Grapevine Bridal- Sarah Carpenter Grapevine Bridal- Sarah Carpenter Grapevine Bridal- Sarah Carpenter Grapevine Bridal- Sarah Carpenter Grapevine Bridal- Sarah Carpenter

Bouquet- Petals Couture

Hair & Makeup- Anastasia Strattan

Dress- Lewisville Bridal Boutique


Thanks Sarah for submitting such an adorable bridal session! If you are a photographer we would love to see your work- head over to our submission page and send us some pretty pictures of weddings, events, fun parties, and lifestyle sessions!

Hope you have a fantastic Friday- stay bundled up, relaxed, and enjoy the start of your weekend.

See y’all tomorrow!

autumn arrangements

Happy weekend beautiful readers! I am so sorry for our absence this past week- we all have had a ton going on. I would love to promise that it will get much better but let’s be real- fall/holiday season is the busiest time of the year. Throw in work, moving, school, ect and we have our hands full! However, we are here today and ready to share a little bit of goodness.

Remember forever ago (ok it was really last Friday) when we talked about what flowers were in season? Well, today we are bringing you a few autumn floral arrangements. Some of them have seasonal flowers in them and some of them have absolutely nothing seasonal in them, they just look like fall so I couldn’t resist. Either way, get excited for some fall beauty!


Have a great weekend, we will see you next week!

what’s in season- fall

Good morning darling readers, aren’t you thrilled it is Friday? I woke up smiling because I was so excited for today and for this weekend. Plus, Hubs left me extra coffee this morning which always puts me in a great mood!

One of the biggest questions I get from people about flowers is, “What is in season?” Let me tell you, that is a GREAT question to ask!! Some flowers have become available year round and are generally season-less (I don’t think that is a real word but I still like it). These are flowers like Roses, Hydrangea, Alstroemeria, and Carnations. However, some flowers do have a true season and are generally less-expensive and more available during those months.

So what does that mean for you? It means that being aware of and using seasonal flowers can help you reduce costs for your wedding! Plus, as an added bonus, using seasonal flowers will really give your floral arrangements and wedding the feel of whatever season you are in.

Keep in mind that where you live can affect seasonality. In Texas (where the Merry team is) Dahlias are available in the fall but in some areas of the country they are only available during the summer. Also, know that if you have your heart set on a particular flower, such as Ranunculus or Lavender, your floral designer should have access to it through a wholesaler. Some flowers, like Peonies, are only available a short time throughout the year but most flowers can be purchased anytime, they just may be a little more expensive when they are out of season.

Tomorrow, we are going to be bringing y’all some pictures of floral arrangements with fall flowers but for today I figured we would just share a little guide to help you start to know what is currently in season. Don’t worry, we will do the same for Winter, Spring, and Summer soon!

merry post

Hope y’all have an amazing Friday! I am off to go prep for two weddings this weekend and finish up the pot of coffee that is currently calling my name.

Stay seasonal, stay merry!

thursday trends- compote floral design

Y’all, this is my favorite thing happening in floral design right now. I know I said that about hanging florals and floral crowns but I think I mean it this time. Compotes (a fancy word for a wide mouthed, footed vase) are some of the coolest containers. For some reason, flowers seem to look better in them than in a regular vase. I have no idea why, they just do. I’m just going to go with it. Want to know my favorite thing about compote design? Ok, I will tell you- most of the designs in these gorgeous containers are asymmetrical which I LOVE. Give me a cup of coffee and pictures of asymmetrical floral arrangements and I could be content for hours. Another thing I love about compote designs is that most of them have an airy feel. Compotes make it easy for designers to leave trailing vines and all sorts of other goodies that make these arrangements open and STUNNING.

Ok fine, I will stop gushing about compote designs. I will let you experience all their gorgeous goodness for yourself.

Are you in love yet? Seriously, these would make absolutely perfect centerpieces for a wedding. They would be the type of table decor that would make your guests jaws drop. Let’s be real, you want a wedding that keeps your guests talking months after the event. Compote designs are your ticket.

If you are crazy over compotes let us know. We will be staring at these lustfully all day.

carry on & merry on

thursday trends- coral

There isn’t a color I can think of that is more trendy than coral. (do people say trendy anymore?) These peachy, pink, and orange hues are so popular right now. I can’t blame anyone for loving this color. It adds brightness to any room, vibrancy to floral arrangements, and makes even the palest girl look like she has a bronzy glow. SIGN ME UP.¬†(personal note- shouldn’t I be tan considering it is mid-august? instead I look like it is december and I haven’t seen the sun in months. embarrassing)

Here are some of the most fun uses of coral I have seen lately. Go get your coral on.

Fotor0814114326Fotor0814114547Fotor0814113626 (Drinks, Silverware, Skirt (unknown), Flowers, Invitation, Cake, Crown, Table)

See y’all tomorrow!

peace, love, and coral

thursday trends- floral crowns

Floral crowns are so hot right now. It seems like every styled shoot lately has been featuring floral crowns- and I LOVE IT! They are stunning. I was a part of a styled shoot a few weeks ago where I got to make a floral crown. Since then, I have been dreaming about wearing one every day. Who cares if the only place I needed to go was Central Market? It would definitely make my trip to the grocery store much more fashionable, fun, and adventurous!

I know what you are thinking, “There is no way I could pull a floral crown off!” YES YOU CAN!!This really is a trend that anyone can pull off. You could wear one just for bridal pictures, the ceremony, reception, or your send off. Or, if you are absolutely in love with it you can wear a crown every step of your wedding and maybe even your wedding planning (your vendors may give you some strange looks but they will also be insanely jealous that they don’t have a ring of beautiful flowers around their head). Trust me, you will not regret getting a few gorgeous pictures with a floral crown!

Here are some of my current favorites to offer you a little inspiration. Some are big. Some are small. Some are mainly greenery. There is something for everyone!
floral crown 1floral crown 2

floral crown 3floral crown 4floral crown 5floral crown 6floral crown 7floral crown 8floral crown 9floral crown 10

(1- Style Me Pretty, 2-Ryan Ray, 3-Polka Dot Bride, 4-Style Me Pretty, 5-Chic Vintage Bride, 6-Le Magnifique, 7- Barefoot Blonde, 8- Junebug Weddings, 9- Style Me Pretty, 10-Style Me Pretty)

Put your crown on, feel like a princess, and enjoy.

Oh my goodness, I am swooning. I want to make a floral crown immediately. If you take some pictures with a floral crown please, please, PLEASE, send them to us! We will be impressed, jealous, and oh so incredibly happy that you rocked some flowers in your hair.

Ok, time to put my flower crown on and get back to work.

Stay merry!