The Merry Team



Hey y’all, I’m Meredith and that incredibly hansom man behind me is Hubs. I created Merry because I love weddings and events. I sit at Starbucks and soak up event blogs and pictures for hours. Weddings bring out such a fun side of people. Guests get gussied up, let loose, and for a few hours only think about love, cake, and having a great time. It is one of my favorite things to watch. Plus, weddings usually include rocking dance parties which I adore. The special moments of our lives, the events, parties, weddings, they are responsible for creating some of the sweetest and most joyful memories we have. It is my hope that through this blog you may stumble across something that will help you create meaningful events that fill you with joy. At the very least, I hope you can spend some time relaxing while looking at pretty pictures.

If you are reading this blog, I hope it means we would be friends if we ever met. We obviously share an interest in events so maybe we both like coffee, shopping, cooking new recipes, and How I Met Your Mother as well. Here is a little rundown on my personal life.

I am a believer living in the sweet hope Jesus offers. Recently, an amazing man who loves being a personal trainer, Starbucks coffee, fishing, and Texas A&M football made my dreams come true by marrying me. Our dog, Ellie, rules our house. Like any good southern girl, my family and friends are extremely important to me. Unfortunately, unlike any good southern girl, I don’t like sweet tea. Reading, traveling, and The Bachelor take up a lot of my time. While I mentioned I love dance parties, I must confess I am a terrible dancer. I also have trouble staying up past 10 pm. Celebrating life is very important to me. I celebrate good days, new jobs, birthdays, and even this blog. The best way I have found to celebrate things is with a lot of excitement and a really great dessert.

So thanks for reading our blog! Every time you do, you give me an excuse to celebrate by digging in to a big bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream. You also increase the time I spend at the gym each day but it’s worth the sacrifice. I am so glad you are joining us on this adventure- I hope it brings some inspiration and fun into your life!

Meet the Merry team- Meredith



I’m Jenna. I’m in awe of God’s grace. I’m messy, witty, fun, with a side of normal. I’m an artist, creator, designer, planner, etc. I’m about as good at writing my “About Me” as I am writing letters to people at camp or in a diary- awful and awkward. So bear with me.

I love my family, friends, thrifting (much to the detriment of my bank account), working out (just kidding), volleyball, traveling, Texas, food (anything but beets), corny jokes, reading, being outside, quotes, painting; and now I sound like every person in America. I’m interesting, promise. You may just have to take my word for it.

I, like Meredith, love events, planning, and the details. Making people feel welcomed, loved, and celebrated is one of my passions and I think events can be the perfect mix of these things. Which is why I’m careering in that. In one form or another, I will always strive and “work” doing something along these lines. The design elements of an event, venue or celebration sets the mood for how memorable an event is- both in the eyes of the guests and hosts. Here at Merry (and in life), I hope we inspire you to stretch yourself creatively. To live beautifully. To celebrate joyously. And to always say yes to throwing (or attending) a party. Whether we inspire you by DIY ideas, mood boards, styled shoots, or just our hilarious writing, we hope you leave this space better. Thanks so much for fueling our dreams and joining in on the journey!

Meet the Merry team- Jenna



Hi friends! I am Madeline Randa, and I can’t wait to begin this adventure together. I am a hot mess with an incredibly talented sister who let me be a part of this incredible project. Words will not be able to express my gratitude and excitement.

Here’s a bit about me- I am a daughter of the King, living in His freedom. I am a lover of people. A severe adventure addict. A devout coffee drinker. Beautiful quote collector. Moment capturer. I find joy in the details, beauty in the unique. I am quirky, passionate, and a child at heart. I am a mixture of immense grace, tons of sunshine, and a whole lot of laughter. I have the most crazy lovable family and blessed set of friends. I only refer to myself as a toddler, it happens to be true. I am a photographer of everything with a heart for missions. My camera’s name is Dudley, he is always at my side. I quote movies like it’s my job, love running and being outside, and tend to look only on the bright side of life.

I must confess. I am in love. With quirky and edgy fashion, any fantastically made food, and beautifully photographed images. Mostly, I am in love with life and the One who gives it abundantly. I am so glad you are taking this journey with us. Nothing makes my soul sing more than genuine friendships, gorgeous spaces, and a great party. We hope you love the same things, because this blog is designed to uplift, collaborate, and inspire. Happy reading and let the adventures begin!

Meet the Merry team- Maddy

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